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       I have to start off this review by saying there is such a huge difference in the way the generations over time think about products that could be considered necessities as well as the way they make purchases.  When discussing bedding the other day with my Mother, she was complaining about the cost of purchasing a new sheet set.  The timing happened to be similar for both of us as we had been searching out new sheets for both our beds and for different reasons.

        My mother complained of the expensive cost for king size sheets with 1500 thread count or more, especially since she shops in store most of the time.  I, on the other hand could care less about the thread count and more on the specific feel of the sheets.  I shop mostly online and look for sheets that help keep me from sweating when I sleep AND that are soft to the touch.

        Of course want all want to be comfortable when we sleep but we all do this in a different way.  I was beyond thrilled when The Original PeachSkinSheets™ company agreed to work with me for the Ignite Your Senses Event.  No only was I in the market for new sheets but this is a perfect example of how something as simple as your sheets can create the ultimate in luxury sleep.

        The Original PeachSkinSheets™ are made from a high performance SMART fabric which provides wicking, breathable sleep (especially nice for sweaty sleepers like me).  Keeping hot sleepers cool and cold sleepers warm, the PeachSkinSheets™ are ready use right out of the package.  In most cases people must wash the sheets to get that soft, fresh feel but not with these.

        Usually this includes me as I can tend to breakout from new bedding but these are also hypoallergenic, help prevent these types of sensitive skin allergies from happening.  Never will you find their products contain any pesticides. Each set feels softer than any 1500 thread count sheet set with it's reversible brushed PeachSkin finish on both sides of the sheet, which would normally cost you hundreds of dollars.  You don't have to worry about shrinking when washing plus the sheets are anti-pill and wrinkle free.

        With the 18" deep pockets with elastic all around, my set fit my king size memory foam mattress and when tried on my mother's pillow top, it fit just as perfectly.  While we don't let our dogs sleep with us anymore, the kids can be pretty rough on our normal bedding, so the durable threading helps this last much longer than the normal set.  It also prevents pet hair from weaving into the threading.

        I love that they are both slip resistant and won't snag easily on rough skin as that just drives me insane when I am trying to sleep.  I can't wait to see if my set truly stays the color as promised after several washes since it seems every set I've owned in the past either fades, looks dull, or stains easily.

        The Original PeachSkinSheets™ carries sheet sets and separates, duvet covers, pillowcases, and even candles (AquaFlame™ Candle Fountains and Luminara™ Candles).  I absolutely love how soft the sheet feels on the skin and sleeping in it feels like pure luxury.  Waking up in the morning has been difficult only because of the ultimate comfort we feel!
Available to purchase/Cost: $50 During the Monthly Color Special OR at most $69.95 California King Sheet Set
Recommendation:  As if you couldn't tell from the review, but I definitely recommend these sheets more than anything else I've found on the market!  This is an extremely inexpensive cost, and well worth it to invest in a few sets for every bed in your home.  Not only are you sleeping healthier but you are going to feel much more comfortable AND the quality should last some time.
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Giveaway:  PeachSkinSheets is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Sheet Set to have of their own!

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  1. I am most excited about the soft wonderful sheet sets. We are needing new sheets and these are definitely on our list for consideration.

  2. I am most excite about the Peach Skin Sheets. I desperately need new sheets and I bet these would be wonderful! Just the name should cozy.

  3. I love Peachskin, so soft & comfy, also the colors. We really need sheets, ours have seen to many better days! Thank you for offering these!

  4. I love these Peach Skin Sheets! I like that they're breathable, shrink resistant, very soft and they wick away moisture and have deep pockets & come in Calif King size!!

  5. I have been wanting to try the peach skin sheets forever! I'd love to see how cooling they are.

  6. The Peach Skin Sheets! I have heard great things about them and I would love to try them.

  7. I would love to have new sheets. (I just had to get rid of another set from another company that did not hold up well at all).

  8. I am most excited for the Peach Skin sheets, because I need some new ones.

  9. I am excited for the Peach Skin sheets! I love that they don't shrink!

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