Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder Review

        If there is one thing about my love for the outdoors that I have learned, it’s that I am absolutely not a bird person.  However, my boys both are and mostly because my mother’s backyard is bird central in her neighborhood.  The boys have grown to love watching and observing every action the birds make.  When asked if I’d be interested in reviewing the Window Bird Feeder from Yellow Beaks.  I had to have it for Dane who has been begging for one for his bedroom window for months now.

        The window bird feeder is a lightweight, crystal clear acrylic which mounts to any window surface using 3 strong suction cups.  Even though I haven't had the chance to test the strength, they are supposed to withstand through any weather conditions.  Plus the slanted design of the roof keeps squirrels away.  With a wide opening and bird perch, you would have the opportunity to see a wide variety of bird sizes.

        While we haven’t been able to put it up in their window because of the snow, the boys are already excited. They have been discussing all the types of birds they might see as well as what foods the birds might have besides plain bird seed.  This is definitely going to be a big asset this Summer exploring nature in our new home!

Available to purchase/Cost: $24.95 Window Bird Feeder by Yellow Beaks
Recommendation:  The price is little high for me when it comes to a bird feeder and especially one as small as this.  However, the boys are thrilled and I think it will be a great educational tool for them throughout the year.

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