Dial®'s Miracle Oil Body Wash Review

        I am generally a very low maintenance chick (at least in my eyes, lol).  I have since I can remember showered with plain old soap instead of body wash like most women as well.  I have to say, I never would have given any thought to using a body wash up until I was recently asked to review Dial®'s new Miracle Oil Body Wash.

        As we all know our natural oils are good for our skin and hair.  Any type of soap that depletes this while in the cleansing process is actually doing us more harm than good.  The Dial® Miracle Oil Body Wash "is infused with caring Marula oil".  This way your skin can get clean while still filled with the oil it needs to feel soft and smooth.

        The wash quickly suds up, soaked into my skin making it even softer, and leaving a very pampered feel.  Although I do prefer the scrubs this wash was a perfect refresher for any shower.  I felt that the smell was nice and subtle without feeling like it had an overpowering perfume smell.  I loved that the body wash while infused with oil, it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy in the slightest!
Miracle Oil Marula Oil Infused Body Wash
Recommendation:  I love that this is such a popular brand that you can find at most stores locally.  I can't wait to buy some of the other scents to test out as this is already almost gone between me and Alana!
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