Francois et Mimi Coffee Products Review

        I am by all means not a coffee addict like some who need it to function, however, I consider myself to be a coffee and tea lover!  My husband Kevin on the other hand, drinks coffee daily.  He can even drink tons in the evening without it affecting his ability to sleep.  Because we both have different tastes in our hot beverages, we have quite a few gadgets around the kitchen to make the perfect cup no matter whose drinking it!

        When recently asked to review several products from Francois et Mimi, I knew I was in.  Right away you can notice the quality and unique designs of each of the their products.  The first products this beverage loving family had the opportunity to review are the Stacking Multi-Colored 12oz Coffee Mugs Set with Rack and the Chrome Single Wall Borosilicate Glass 50-Ounce French Coffee Press.

        I have always been pretty curious about the "perks" of having a coffee press on hand.  I know they can be perfect for places without electricity like camping and what not but I honestly hadn't understood exactly how to use one before now.  Using the Micro-Mesh Filter, you can brew your favorite coffee grounds OR tea leaves easily.

        Not only are you able to brew hot beverages but this works well for cold brews as well!  While I might feel a bit out of place taking this on a camping trip with me, it does make for the perfect on the go tool.  The sleek chrome style looks awesome at my beverage station.

        The stacking mug set has also complimented my beverage station with tons of fun color!  Made from stoneware ceramic, these mugs are lead-free and dishwasher/microwave safe.  Not only do they save space on my counter but they also leave me feeling a bit more confident that the kids aren't going to easily knock them over and break them.  The style is definitely eye catching and these are now our favorite mugs to use especially for the kids hot chocolate!

Available to purchase/Cost:Francois et Mimi Single Wall Borosilicate Glass French Coffee Press, 50-Ounce, Chrome
Francois et Mimi Stacking Coffee Mugs Set with Rack, Multi-Colored, 12oz Cups
Recommendation:  Definitely worth the purchase, especially when you look at the competitors which offer much cheaper quality products. I wish I could tell you what the price was so I knew if they were costly or not but they don't have that information available.  These both can be washed and reused just as easily as anything out there.

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