Francois et Mimi Jumbo Soup Mugs and Ice Cream Bowl Set Review

        Because we entertain pretty much every weekend throughout the summer here, we are always looking for new and creative ideas for meals, drinks, and creativity in and around the kitchen.  Also being that I used to work at a restaurant that provided catering I find myself being very meticulous about designs on plates and trays whether it's for a group of strangers or myself.

        When recently asked to review several products from Francois et Mimi, I knew I was in.  Right away you can notice the quality and unique designs of each of the their products.  This time around, I had the opportunity to review their Set of 4 Ivory Vintage-Style 20-Ounce Jumbo Soup and Cereal Mugs, and the Pastel Colors Ice Cream Bowl Set.

        I was once told a long time ago that during the hottest days of summer, if you are trying to cool off you should have a hot cup of coffee or espresso (which is what I was offered on my vacation).  Even though I've heard that several times after and believe it, something still seems strange about drinking a hot beverage or having a bowl of soup to cool down.  The winter gives me even more of an excuse to chow down on soup and although we are moving quickly into Summer, there is just something about the way soup can warm your tummy and especially when sick!

        I even love to make my own from scratch but come on who has that kind of time on their hands (especially with my two crazy boys).  The Vintage Style Jumbo Soup and Cereal Mugs have become my all time favorite for soup time and honestly couldn't have arrived at a better time since our family had been struggling with the flu the same week.  Not only can you pour your favorite hot beverage into these but cold cereal and warm soup as well.  The stoneware stays cool to touch keeping little (and big) hands safe at all times.  I love the way these look displayed on hooks under my cabinets at the house!

        The Pastel Colors Ice Cream Bowl Set has also perfectly matched my Francois et Mimi stacking mug set with tons of fun color throughout my kitchen!  Made from stoneware ceramic, these bowls are lead-free and dishwasher/microwave safe.  The style is definitely eye catching and these are now the boys favorite bowl to use for just about anything from ice cream to spaghetti to everything in between!
Available to purchase/Cost: Francois et Mimi Vintage-Style 20-Ounce Soup and Cereal Mugs, Jumbo, Set of 4, Ivory
$13.95 Francois et Mimi Ice Cream Bowl, Pastel Colors, Set of 6
Recommendation:  Definitely worth the purchase, especially when you look at the competitors which offer much cheaper quality products. I wish I could tell you what the price was on the mugs so I knew if they were costly or not but they don't have that information available.  These both can be washed and reused just as easily as anything out there.
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