NapzTM Sleep Aid Review

        The older I get the harder is seems it is for me to fall asleep.  It seems as if I need some sort of assistance to drift away into dream land and I'm not quite sure if it is less activity as an adult or just requiring less than I did as a young adult.  With all the ideas and tasks floating through my head, it just seems impossible to shut things off.  I find myself sitting up to 1 -2 am even when I've put myself in bed by 10 pm.

        I am constantly looking out for natural sleep aids and honestly changing it up between them so my body doesn't get used to one kind.  I was quite happy when contacted by a company called NapzTM and of course willing to give it a review!  "NAPZ an all-natural, safe yet effective short-term sleep aid."

        You are instructed to dissolve contents of one packet into 4-6oz of water 20-30 minutes before bedtime.  Unfortunately, I have to say, this tasted disgusting.  It had a combination of a vitamin and fruit punch flavor with a not so good aftertaste.  I had to start mixing it into smaller amounts of water so I could take it like a shot in order to actually drink it.

        Made without artificial colors or additives, Napz is all natural with ingredients that include Passion Flower, Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Hibiscus.   There is no include Melatonin either due to it's "possible side effects and concerns about melatonin have been raised by DR. Oz and the Mayo clinic."

        I can honestly tell you, I felt it "work" almost within minutes.  I wasn't "knocked out" and yet I still don't remember struggling to fall asleep.  I also remembered that I actually had dreams even though I don’t recall what they were about.  I don't feel groggy when waking up after taking this like I have with other products and for instance I feel refreshed enough to be writing away today!

Cost/Available to Purchase: $9.98 - 3 pack box 
Recommendation:  I think this is a bit excessive in price for the taste especially let alone the amount that you get.  While I highly recommend this if you need help with light sleep, I don't think it is going to solve the problem if you are struggling with insomnia or excessive sleep loss.  It works to help when I can not turn my brain off and is honestly a more natural way which I feel more comfortable using.
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