Venjoin Super Sexy Summer Print Sleeveless Tank Maxi Rayon Dress Review

        I was recently asked to review a product from the brand Venjoin which I was initially pretty thrilled about.  During the Summer, I love wearing dresses of all kinds.  The Super Sexy Summer Print Sleeveless Tank Maxi Rayon Dress appeared to fit my style perfectly so I chose it in the Tosca Blue color to wear this season.

        The dress shipped extremely quickly which I was pleasantly surprised with.  Once my dress arrived, I very quickly noticed the fabric quality and how silky smooth it was.  However, my excitement was quickly cut short when I realized how completely off their sizing was.  I ordered this in a Large size as I couldn't seem to get the sizing chart to work on Amazon for this seller.  I am normally a size Large when it comes to dresses like this.

        To be honest the dress couldn't be more than a normal size Small as I had to give it to my bestfriend who normally wears half my size clothing if that.  While it fit her perfectly, I was pretty disappointed I couldn't wear it myself because it ran so small.  I have quite the busty figure on top so beyond the sizing issue there was no way this was going to cover half my boobs.

        I loved the conservative yet sexy look without the frumpy mom design.  Her husband thought it was super sexy and was quite thankful I gave it to her.  The only downside she found was that the rayon material was way too sensitive to iron so it needs to either be steamed or fluffed before wearing.  Otherwise the dress is absolutely beautiful.

Cost/Available to Purchase: $29.99 VenJoin Women's 100% Rayon Long Renda Dress Large Tosca Blue
Recommendation:  This is definitely a stylish and well made dress.  The pricing is pretty average for a dress and again with the quality it makes for a good deal.  I wish I had known about the size variation so I would keep that in mind if you decide to place an order.

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