Acure Organics Health and Beauty Products Review and #Giveaway

     Somehow it has been an odd coincidence that my two friends and writers as well as myself all have sensitive skin.  So you can imagine my hesitation in wanting to review certain beauty products.  I want to bring each of you different products even if they are not something I would particularly use.  (I know there are very few like me out there, haha!).  It's because of all my sensitivities that I am careful to find the best quality products AND with the least amount of chemicals in them when it comes to beauty products.

        After contacting Acure Organics in hopes of working together for Earth Day, they quickly and generously agreed to let me review several of their products including:  Moroccan argan oil + argan stem cell conditioner and shampoo,  Facial toner, Cell stimulating facial mask, Argan cell stimulating body wash, Firming body lotion, Leave-in conditioner argan oil + argan stem cell, Moroccan argan oil, Sensitive facial cleanser, Argan stem cell + chlorella growth factor brightening facial scrub, Day cream, and lip balm dark chocolate + mint.

        Reading this brands philosophy gives me the warm and fuzzies.  This is a brand that not only can I feel good about using but using on my children as well.

  • "We believe that each and every one of us can make an enormous impact on the world. By making small changes in the items we use, the purchases we make and the way we approach each day, we all really can change the world! Each day you vote with your dollars, supporting the companies that share your values.
  • We believe in creating a sustainable company culture, one where each decision is carefully weighed based upon the impact
  • We believe in pursuing a triple bottom line. People and planet are just as important as profit." 

        The first products I tried were for the hair and right away the smell was refreshing and sweet (with an almond scent).  My hair felt uber soft afterwards without feeling greasy or loaded with anything.  At first I was a bit concerned since in the shower it didn't feel like I had even used conditioner but after, my hair combed through just fine.  As always I just love using Argan oil in my hair as well as Alana's as it helps tremendously with the brittle ends.

        Both the cleanser and the scrub had the same refreshing feel and smell.  They made my face feel cold and clean after rinsing it off.  I absolutely loved the day cream and it perfectly complimented the cleanser for use right after.  I felt like it was thin and non greasy feeling!  The toner is great for minor breakouts or maintaining fresh looking skin and the stimulating mask is perfect for weekly refreshing treatments.

        Using pure, natural and organic ingredients, you can feel good both on the inside and out about what you are using.  The variety available is pretty awesome too since they have something for every body part in addition to each skin or hair type.  Even though I was given a gracious amount to review, I cannot wait to try even more to see how each product works!

Cost/Available to Purchase: Acure Organics
Recommendation:  Surprisingly the pricing is very reasonable compared to other beauty products and especially ones which are organic.  I can say I see myself buying both Alana and I more in the future!
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Twitter: @acurebeauty

Giveaway:  Acure Organics is going to give TWO of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Gift set like I received to try of their own!
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  1. These do look great. I have diabetic dry skin & I've found that organic & gentle products definitely do the most for my skin! (By the way, the link on the Comment On the A.L.L. Review entry goes to 'that page doesn't exist.' Is this the review you want the comment on? You might want to check that link. Thanks!)

  2. Certified organic coconut oil For hair

  3. I'd love to try the day cream. I'm ready for a lighter moisturizer for summer but my skins still very dry.

  4. I have yet to find a body wash that I am truly happy with. Most promise to hydrate my skin, but fail miserably. Reading reviews about the ultra-hydrating body wash makes me want to try it. According to others it sounds as though it really might be the one to leave my skin smooth and soft.

  5. All of these products look absolutely amazing. I love the fact they're chemical free, and they have cute packaging too!

  6. I really like their philosophy. This is the kind of company I like to buy from.

  7. The reason I'd like to try this is because of my diabetic dry skin. Before diabetes, I had oily skin, but skin issues are common with diabetics, especially dry skin. I'm always trying to find something to hydrate my skin!

  8. I have been looking for something like this for my daughter.thanks so much for sharing.

  9. I've been trying their Radical Resurfacing cream, which evens skin tone, & I really like it! And I love it's lemon scent, too.

  10. I would really like to try these products. They sound really amazing. I like that they are organic and natural. I would especially like to try the Argan oil because I have never tried it before and I have been hearing so many good things about it.


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