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        I love to garden - that should be fairly apparent by now.  Ever since we lived in our previous home which had a small yard, I've done most of my gardening in containers.  Now living with acres in my yard, I still find myself gravitating to container and raised bed gardening because of the control it gives me with outside elements.  I've searched high and low for the ultimate in garden bed which would help me keep weeds and pests out, give me the flexibility to place wherever I choose, and create a successful and thriving environment for my plants.

        So when I recently discovered the company Big Bag Beds, I knew I had to contact them in hopes of working together for Earth Day!  Big Bag Bed's are "Fabric Containers For Those Places You 'Can't' Dig" and so much more.  Not only did Big Bag Bed graciously agree to send me a product but they actually sent me over each of their three sizes Big Bag Beds - The Original, The JR, and The Mini.

        The Big Bag Bed is a reusable fabric garden bed that can be placed virtually anywhere.  Want to plant under a tree where roots prevent you from digging?  How about a roof top garden?  Most places you can think of the Big Bag Bed can work!  I am beyond upset that our weather here in Michigan has yet again been uncooperative with my gardening schedule as I have not had the opportunity to get out and use my Big Bag Beds just yet.  I am just itching for the chance to get them filled and placed around my garden area!

        Big Bag Beds prevent circle root with constant aeration which helps you plants continue to thrive in their environment.  They grow stronger and bigger than in a closed, hard sided container.  I love that using Big Bag Beds, I don't have to worry about common weeds sprouting up through the bottom (ground).  The weeds that pollinate themselves in the bed will be easier to remove as well!  The material is tough enough that weeds AND pests can't dig or chew through.

        I've been spending tons of time researching hydroponics this year too and Big Bag Beds as well as Smart Pots are perfect for this type of growing!  I am planning on using a kiddie pool with at least one of my Big Bag Beds to test out how well it works.  Again, while I haven't had the chance to grow a full garden in the bags, I am confident after receiving them that the quality will exceed my expectations and it's promises.  I will definitely update once I have them set up.

Cost/Available to purchase:  Starting at $14.95 for the Mini Smart Pot Garden Bed 
Recommendation:  $15 bucks (let alone $50) is barely a lot to spend on a garden bed especially when most beds are made from untreated wood or weak and flimsy fabric.  If you are an avid gardener or just looking to improve your landscape with some colorful flowers, I would recommend checking out Smart Pots and Big Bag Beds
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  1. I would like to get one or two of all 3 sizes depending on where I live this summer. I have a small garden but I am not sure if my new house will have the same situation as the house I own. I love the idea of patio gardening and raised beds.

  2. Using these Big Bag Beds will help with keeping weeds and pests out. It will help save the planet because I will not use pesticides or herbicides.

  3. Since I will be moving this summer, I could plant several small Mini bags and move them when I move, help the planet by growing my own food, and recycling by reusing the bags year after year.

  4. Ever since I saw these bags I have been excited to use them. My husband has used raised beds with wood and the wood does deteriorate, eventually. I can help save the planet because now I can put the bed under a tree or anywhere on a property that it has not been easy to use the land to grow and this, too can increase yield when spaced properly.

  5. Wow, these bed bags are cool. I think the Jr. size would be best for us.

  6. All the sizes have appeal, but I'd probably prefer the original size - I have a big yard and am trying to plant things other than grass. I've wanted to get an herb garden started, and this would be a good way to keep the herbs separate (mint especially spreads like crazy). Using spaces like this makes it easier to minimize the need for any kind of pesticide (even the biological ones).

  7. Using these Big Bag Beds will help because I'd be using them every year, growing my own food, and not using pesticides.


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