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        I love gardening and it’s finally spring time!  However, Michigan doesn’t know that yet considering that there’s still snow on the ground by us.  I have started seeds and other small gardening inside, but I can’t wait to get it all outside!  I've actually tried a few times over the past couple weeks and ended up killing the plants I've tried with.  With this being the first spring in our new house with all the property we finally have, I’m beyond excited to create my new garden as well as show off my landscaping/green thumb skills!

        One of the areas I actually struggle with is my flower planting abilities.  After doing some searches for a unique planter which might help with this as well as help with decorating the yard easier, I discovered Plantopia Flower Pots.  Right away the unique design grabbed my attention and I was thrilled when they agreed to send me over a few for review.
        I've literally never seen a hanging planter design like this. There are removable panels on the sides of the deep basket which fit each of your starter plants right out of the trays without disturbing the root system.  You then pop the panels back in place to hold each in it's place this way the plants can grow out of the sides rather than just at the top.  After planting even more at the top you might notice the lattice work in the removable panels which allows for better aeration of the soil helping you plant thrive even more!

        These are perfect for strawberries, tomatoes and I am thinking kitchen herbs which grow the best in hanging pots. Like I said previously, I don’t grow flowers very often so while I might use one or two for decor flowers out front, I most likely will only use the hanging pots for produce.  I wish the weather had cooperated better so I could show you pictures but I will definitely be updating with more as I get them planted.

        These are perfect for the apartment/balcony grower or someone with a small yard.  What was even more fun for me was the fact that these are so simple to put together that I am planning to let the boys "build" my plant baskets!  They love being able to help out with the gardening.  Now I think the only problem I am going to have is finding enough plants and space to fill all the Plantopia Flower Pots I am going to buy.

Cost/Available to purchase:  Starting at $14.99 Ultimate Hanging Basket 
Recommendation:  With all the possibilities this planter has and how easy it is AND the space it saves, this is a great price!  If your a gardener you'd be silly not to buy!  I think these pots are very beneficial and not ridiculously priced either. I definitely recommend these!
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Giveaway:  Plantopia Pots is going to give TWO of A Lucky Ladybug's very lucky readers a 2 Hanging Plantopia Pots each to have of their own!
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  1. Hello, the Plantopia pots will add a lot of green around my home. For earth day I will be planting deck boxes and my vegetable garden and these pots will be great to use. Thanks for a great giveaway!


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