Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon Book Review

        I love the stage that Dane is in right now being 7, learning to read and write.  He is such an artistic child as well so this is the type of school work he is thrilled to do.  I try to encourage him to explore all activities he loves and that he can be whatever he wants in life.  I love that he is above average and one of the top readers in his class because I know it is something he both enjoys AND it is something that will help him in future educational endevours.

        So when I was asked to review the book Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon, I figured it would be perfect for Dane and his personality!  Dane was quite excited when the book arrived as it was something new to read and he loved the idea of a dragon becoming a comedian!

        The synopsis says, "Nickerbacher is a sweet-tempered, bushy-browed beast who spends his days guarding Princess Gwendolyn and dreams of being a stand-up comic -- not exactly a profession for a dragon! He’s true to his duty as a dragon – as dictated by his Papa – but wants only to make the world laugh.   Gwendolyn is supportive and encouraging, telling him he needs to do what makes him happy.

It isn’t until the dashing Prince Happenstance comes along, ready for a fight, that they realize that instead of battling each other, they should do what’s in their hearts and pursue their true desires (the Prince really wants to be a baseball pitcher).  With a winning set at The Comedy Castle and his family’s newfound support and pride, it’s all laughter, happiness and dreams come true for the good-natured dragon!"

        Not only did Dane enjoy the book but Declan has frequently asked Dane to read it to him.  Dane even took this to school to show off to his class!  I love that this book teaches children to be who they want to be and that there is no end to where their dreams can reach!  I definitely recommend this one to anyone with children in this age range!

Title: Nickerbacher The Funniest Dragon
Category:  Children; Ages 5-8
SRP:  $15.15  eBook: Available for download for $3.99
Release Date: March 23, 2015
Length: 34 pages, color illustrated
ISBN:  978-1-4969-5454-1 (sc)
978-1-4969-5456-5 (e)

Published by:     Author House LLC
                  Bloomington, IN

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