Swift-n-Snug Running/Activity Belt Review and #Giveaway

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        Alright so this next product I was really curious about and had to check out as I am looking forward to getting more active outdoors this spring (if the snow ever decides to stop here in Michigan).  I've never been big on running and mostly because of my "upper" size.  However, I am pretty active in every other way I can think of.  I actually plan on starting to run this year once the weather warms up.

        With that thought in mind, I've been looking for different products to help with both convenience and safety (for the dark country roads with no street lights).  Because of where I have decided to move, taking long runs, walks, or bike rides is going to prove to be a bit of a challenge.  I need to be safe since there are no side walks and definitely very little light at night or early in the morning.  I also need to be able to carry my phone with me in case of any type of situation that could arise.

        So when Swift-n-Snug asked me to review their Runner Waist Pack With LED Lights, I figured it would be perfect for all outdoor activities.  This is a hands free way of carrying your personal items while also keeping you safe in the dark.  Swift-n-Snug Running/Activity Belt is a small versatile belt that is worn around your waist.

        It has a spacious pocket which can hold a variety of smart phones and valuables or personal items as well as keys or cash.  There is also a 3-Mode LED light which helps drivers easily see you at night while you walk, run, jog, or bike.  While this is designed with an elastic waistband to prevent the belt from riding up, we felt this snugged a bit much for those looking to keep up appearances (ie. muffin tops).

        When I originally discovered the Swift-n-Snug Running/Activity Belt, it appeared as though these were geared towards athletes and outdoor sports fanatics.  However once mine arrived I started to realize the other ways it could be useful.  As an athlete, this allows you to be extremely active without restrictions.

        As a mother, you are also a very active individual.  There have been so many time's when I've traveled to a park or expo center for an event and dreaded carrying a purse around all while trying to manage my children.  With the Activity belt, I wouldn't have to worry about misplacing/losing my purse or lugging around a ton of extra weight (on top of the kids).

        Definitely a handy accessory for any person with any level of activity.  This is also available in four colors including blue, yellow, red, and green.  Best part is Swift-n-Snug has a "No-Question-Asked full refund within 60 days of your order".  So if you aren't happy with it or if it just wasn't what you were looking for you can easily return it without a hassle.

Available to purchase/Cost: $17.99 Swift-n-Snug Runner Waist Pack With LED Lights
Recommendation:  This is pretty inexpensive for something which will simplify your life and keep you safe at the same time.  These will help out quite a bit though no matter what your need for one is.
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Giveaway:  Swift-n-Snug is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers an activity belt to have of their own!
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