Yorkshire-Mayfair Luxury Brushed Microfiber 1800 Series Bedding King Sheet Set Review

       With moving into the new house this past winter, I very quickly realized how desperate we were in need of new sheets for everyone in the house.  Not only were most of them hand me downs or bedding used back prior to Kevin and I getting married, but they were all pretty cheap quality and looking very shabby.  The cost to replace one set let alone several in the house can be pretty expensive.  While we've been in need, it isn't something I want to drop a quick grand on getting 4 new bedding sets.

        Alana as well as Kevin and myself have king size mattresses and you know any sheets with a high thread count can be in the hundreds.  The boys share a queen with a twin bunk bed top so they aren't cheap either by any means.  So being on this mission, I was beyond thrilled when the company Yorkshire-Mayfair agreed to let me review a set of theirs.  I was sent over their Luxury Brushed Microfiber 1800 Series Bedding King Sheet Set in a random color.

        Not only was I in the market for new sheets but this is a perfect example of how something as simple as your sheets can create the ultimate in luxury sleep.  Because these came in a Brown color, they perfectly matched our comforter set and bedroom color scheme.  I could almost tell just by opening the package how comfortable these were going to be by the soft feel!  Made of a high quality heavy-weight, high-gram luxury microfiber, they had a super soft feel.
        The sheets felt extremely thick which made them feel very stiff and cardboard like.  Even after washing them I was concerned they might not fit well or could be uncomfortable.  However, it turns out I've just been used to cheap sheets all my life...(thanks mom and dad, lol).  I was thrilled to see that they were hypoallergenic since you can almost guarantee I will break out after using any new fabric (even after washing).

        I absolutely love how soft the sheet feels on the skin and sleeping in it feels like pure luxury.  These are wrinkle resistant too so they always look nice on the bed no matter how much one of us toss and turn.  They are also fade resistant so I won't have to worry about the color changing over the years!  Waking up in the morning has been difficult only because of the ultimate comfort we feel!

Available to purchase/Cost:$29.95 Luxury Bed Sheet Set Brushed Microfiber 1800 Series Bedding
Recommendation:  As if you couldn't tell from the review, but I definitely recommend these sheets more than anything else I've found on the market!  This is an extremely inexpensive cost, and well worth it to invest in a few sets for every bed in your home.  Not only are you sleeping healthier but you are going to feel much more comfortable AND the quality should last some time.
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  1. These look very comfy. I am in need of new bed sheets! Thanks for the great review.


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