ECOS Paints Review and #Giveaway - Exterior Porch and Floor Paint

        I am beyond thrilled to share this next product with you for more reasons than I can count.  In all the transitions I've made over the years with my family becoming more green, there are still so many ways we have yet to try.  Moving into the new house and focusing on 'Growing into Green', sharing the entire green home owning process, the area I most wanted to update has been painting inside and out.  Our home is an older farmhouse which desperately needs upgrading.  We could have bought a newer house but we truly wanted something we could make our own while incorporating a safe, green living lifestyle.

        One of our first projects this Spring had to be our back deck.  While still in what appears to be sturdy and good shape, the paint is gone and wood is chipping making it easy for my little ones to end up with splinters every time they go out back.  Because we are on a corner lot with a very wide open yard, anyone who drives by can see our deck and the terrible shape it is in.  Knowing that we also love to entertain outdoors frequently, this was top priority.

        Thankfully I discovered the brand ECOS Paints and they graciously agreed to send me over their Exterior Porch and Floor Paint.  ECOS Paints are "Non-toxic, Non-allergenic, Asthma-friendly, Zero VOC, Odorless, Organic and Safe for the environment".  There are no fillers or solvents which thin the paint making it necessary to coat surfaces more than once to get the desired color.

        We chose the Wild Rose color hoping for a dark brown red to go with the Barn red you see all over our area and of course to stand out a bit.  I love that when using this paint we didn't have to use a primer (saving us more money in the long run).  We just thoroughly cleaned the deck and started painting.  While the paint is supposed to be odorless, it was a bit more difficult to tell since we were outside painting.

        Though I will say, I felt very comfortable having both my kids helping paint AND my chickens roaming around the area at the same time.  The kids love being involved in fixing up "their" home just as much as we do.  It was amazing to be able to enjoy such an activity with my family without concern for my children's safety.  With just the first coat our Wild Rose had more of a pink look but once dried with the second coat, you can see in my pictures it has the darker red brown color we were looking for!

        The paint dried extremely quick and required two coats to get a deep rich color.  The Glossy look not only brings new life to such an old deck but it has coated the wood so it is safe for bare feet.  The rain even seems to bead up well so I know it's protected and sure to last for a long time even in such a highly trafficked area!

*I do want to note this dried very quickly on a sunny day like we chose so in this case you may want to have several people working on the project as you can see several lines between the coats and different areas drying before we could apply the second coat.

Available to purchase/Cost: $29.95 - 1 Quart Exterior Porch and Floor Paint (covers 110 Sq Ft single coat)
Recommendation:  To be honest this is an expensive paint but not when you think about all the chemicals you are avoiding and how well it worked.  My deck looks like a brand new one now.  While I will definitely be purchasing this in the future, I'd still like to see it a bit cheaper so those who aren't sure can find it affordable to try.
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Giveaway:  ECOS Paints is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers up to $300 worth in paint to work on a project of their own!
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  1. The ECOS Exterior Semi-Gloss Trim and Furniture Paint would be a great place for me to start on my spring refresh. The Adirondack chairs could use a new coat of paint.

  2. I think I would like to get the Matte Wall paint in Hidden Jade
    Thanks so much.

  3. I would get the porch green gone wild.

  4. I might choose the Macadamia Brown eggshell interior paint to paint my bathroom.

  5. I would love to use the pink satin for my niece's room. She is staying with me and I would really like to make her room feel girly and like home. Brittney House

  6. I would choose the ECOS interior semi gloss paint in white. I would use it to repaint my guest bathroom
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    Ashley C

  7. I need to paint my porch. So I would choose the ECOS Exterior Porch & Floor Paint in tropical heat.

  8. Hello, I would love to get some ECOS Interior Eggshell Wall Paint in a green hue for my kitchen. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  9. I'd pick the ECOS Solid Concrete Stain in evergreen. My project this summer is to repaint my concrete porch, steps, and foundation.

  10. I might select Wood Nymph for my bedroom.

  11. I would pick the ECOS Interior Matte Wall Paint in Joyous Song and paint my bathroom. I'd love to paint my kids room too but not sure what they'd pick.

  12. I want to do my porch I like the rustic red and the kahaki tan

  13. I'd get the Woodshield for the deck.

  14. I would get the ECOS Exterior Satin Ready Mixed Colors, in Rustic Red, for an accent wall in my living room.

  15. I would choose the Interior Matte Paint, probably in Eugenia, to paint the entry and hallway of the house. It would be a good background color for hanging family pictures in a gallery fashion.

  16. The house I hope to purchase has all wood floors, therefore the Interior Wood floor stain would be my best choice...although all are great!!!!!!!

  17. I would choose the ECOS Exterior Vinyl Siding Paint to give my house a bit of shine. It seems to blend in and I want it to pop.

  18. Hi I am interested in painting my floors at home. How is your porch holding up?


    1. It's held up great in the areas we prepped properly ie. power washing and sanding. There were a few spots we got lazy and just painted without prepping the deck and it's obvious as the paint chipped away and needs to be redone. So that being said the paint stands true to everything it claims and everything I mentioned IF you put in the proper effort :)


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