Great Aussie BBQ Grill Brush by Radar Products Review

        We are a huge grilling family and especially Kevin since he worked at Grill Store way back in the day.  It's because of this he is very particular about his grill and how it is kept up.  Last Summer, we finally purchased a new grill and let me tell you, it was the decision of a lifetime for him.  It's because of this he takes great pride in taking care of his grill, performing monthly maintenance and of course cleaning after each use.

        With that being said, I was thrilled when Radar Products asked me to review their Great Aussie BBQ Grill Brush.  The Australian design and extra bristles on this grill brush give it maximum coverage.  Not only can you clean the top of the grill grates but in between each easily.  With the brush handle measuring 18", it makes it easy to clean without getting burned as you should always clean a hot grill.

        While this is definitely a "heavy duty" brush which we've used for a month now, I will say I wish there was a better way to grip and really scrub without bending the arm of the brush.  The bend does NOT stay and quickly returns to straight when you relieve pressure, I just feel like it makes using any "elbow grease" a bit more difficult.
        Overall though, if this brush has lasted 30 days of constant use in my family, it has to be a great product.  None of the bristles are bent or mashed down and the handle is still straight even with my rough use.  Kevin is thoroughly satisfied with the job it has done thus far on his precious grill and finally it seems as if we won't have to replace the brush anywhere near as frequently as we normally do.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $29.95 Great Aussie BBQ Brush
Recommendation:  These can be used at home or while camping and are very cheaply priced for high quality cooking tools.  What a great gift for anyone including yourself and especially for Father's Day which is coming up!

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