Yumms! Burger Press and Grill Mat Review

Yumms Gourmet Burgers
        We are a huge grilling family.  Although Michigan doesn't allow for a long summer season, you will find us grilling six out of seven nights and from the first remotely warm day (above 60 degrees outside) to the first day of snow if we can.  With moving into the new home, we finally have a back deck where we can keep our grill outside all season long, making it easier to head outdoors and grill.

        I was given the opportunity to review two grilling products from Yumms! - BBQ Grilling Mat and Burger Press.  Right away I was most pumped about the Burger Press since I tend to like my burgers different than anyone in our family.  I am a huge spicy fan and no one else is.  So normally I have to settle for the preformed and frozen burgers to please everyone else.

        Now with the Burger Press I can make 1/4" to 1/2" thick patties.  I can easily mix in any season and marinade instead of just settling for pour it on top while on the grill.  This way the flavor is throughout.  I can also use the non-stick press to add cheese or peppers mixed inside my burgers without worrying how to get it out of the press.  Using a 3 part system, there is an easy lifter which makes prep simple.

        The BBQ Grilling Mat is a great tool for cooking these burgers on the grill without worrying they will stick and crumble.  You can grill tons of difficult foods like shrimp on the grill or use it for other seafood like salmon and of course vegetables.  It is non stick and helps keep from these tender foods from falling through the grill grates.  You can easily saute foods you normally couldn't as easily with that amazing grill flavor.
Cost/Available to purchase:  $15.95 Burger Press
$8.95 Grill Mat
Recommendation:  Both of these can be used at home on the grill, for indoor cooking, or while camping and are very cheaply priced for high quality and easy to use cooking tools.  What a great gift for anyone including yourself!
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