Balance Board 22" Balance Old-School Cruiser Skateboard Review

      When I was a child we spent every hour of light we had outdoors, usually riding bikes.  I am always looking for ways to get my kids out and staying active.  Kids nowadays don't want just bikes but all the other outdoor gadgets they can get their hands on.  Mine specifically seem to want to be daredevils in anyway possible (especially Declan).  So when Balance Boards asked me to review their 22" Balance Old-School Cruiser Skateboard, I knew it would be perfect for either of my boys.

        So many times you find the old school versions of a bike, tricycle, or scooter, with a have modern design but they are the same old concept/technology.  They don't work quite as well as they should after all the years they've been around.  Skateboards are especially one of those products that fall into this category slump.

        Complete side story but because of how my husband used to look when we first met, my parents called him "Skater Boy" and used to think he was the type to never get anything done.  Boy has that changed over the decade we've been together!  However, that stereotype has almost stayed with my family as a joke and while my husband never really used a skateboard, we are always telling the kids, "Dad can teach you to skateboard since he was a skater boy!"

        It's because of this and their daredevil personalities, I think they have fallen in love with the concept of skateboarding.  The Balance Board is a perfect size with the "grip/traction molded into deck surface", keeping them from slipping off as easily and even making trick moves a bit easier to learn.  Although Mom prefers they just ride like normal!

        The five colors range from a basic black to four other bright and bold choices to choose from with colorful wheels to accent each style.  These even come with a free pair of headphones to stay a bit more modern while riding around.  I love it's portable size and that both Declan and Dane can easily teach themselves to ride it properly while staying a bit safer.
Available to purchase/Cost:  $55.11 Balance Board 
Recommendation: The cost is a little expensive for a 4 or 7 year old but honestly worth the purchase when you look at safety and how it works with them and not againsts their size.  I love the quality and safety (plus the extras that come with this).
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