BLAMtastic® SKINS Natural Beauty Products Review

     I am generally a very low maintenance chick (at least in my eyes, lol).  I very rarely have makeup on and usually throw my hair up in a ponytail.  So unfortunately, when it comes to beauty products, I am very particular about what I use.  My daughter on the other hand loves to review anything and everything.  She is quite the trendsetter.  Regardless of my styles, I like bringing readers a variety of products even if they are not something I would particularly use.  (I know there are very few like me out there, haha!)

        When BLAMtastic® asked me to review several of their beauty products, I knew I was in right away.  This time around I figured they would be for me since BLAMtastic® is "naturally committed".  All of their products are made primarily from natural ingredients "as close to the earth as possible" which you know is close to my heart!

        I was sent over a box of amazing goodies which included the entire SKINS Line (Shower Gel, Lotion, Body Mist, Skinny Lip Balm, Superblam Lip Balm) and the entire SKINS Blemish Control line (Cleanse, Rebalance Toner, Prevent Lotion, Repair Treatment Serum).  Right away, Alana stole half the products from the box.  I was bummed because this was a bunch I was excited for personally but like I was going to say no to my teenager!

        Declan always has chapped lips so we are always trying new chapstick's and lip balms on him.  He hates anything with artificial flavoring and is very particular about his balms being natural. So both balms went to him and to my surprised, he loved them!  His lips have been looking ten times better the past few weeks since using these as we carry them every where he goes!

        Alana has been using all of the SKINS Blemish Control line and strictly following each step.  She has been raving about it and how great her skin feels throughout the day.  She said she can feel it tingling and cleaning and afterwards her face feels great.  She has already asked me to buy her more for when this one runs out.
        I love using the Shower Gel, Lotion, and Body Mist and all together during and after showers.  It's odd because it says in a natural scent but the smell changes depending on what I feel like as far as my mood or who is wearing it.  When I first opened the bottles they smelled fruity almost like strawberries but then there have been several times wearing it where I felt like it smelled like tanning lotion.

Cost/Available to Purchase: $Varies BLAMtastic SKINS Natural Beauty Products 
Recommendation:  A little pricey for me but remember I'm not quite the girlie girl when it comes to spending money on beauty products.  Since Alana liked her treatment so much I can say I see myself buying her more in the future, I just wish it was a bit cheaper!
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