Pley Monthly LEGO Subscription Service Review

        I feel fairly confident in saying that most any little boy (and little girls of course) growing up in this decade are into LEGO's of some form.  Between the LEGO movie and all the amazing creations you can make, they have become a big trend for kids.  Dane, my oldest son, is obsessed with all things LEGO related.  Declan is too, though he gets a little distracted at times.  Dane plays with the different sets he has (which is quite a few) all the time.  Studying engineering myself, these seem like a great visual building tool for the boys.  It's extremely educational, building skills without even being aware of it.

        Though the problem with LEGO's (for parents more specifically) is the insane costs involved in acquiring these for your children.  Ranan Lachman and Elina Furman realized this too! "After spending thousands of dollars acquiring new sets, we realized there is a better way to build LEGO® creations without breaking the bank - Pley." With all the endless possibilities the LEGO brand has created, you could really end up spending your child's college fund and more keeping them playing.  So when I was introduced to Pley monthly subscription services and asked to give it a review, I knew it was right up our alley!

        Pley basically works like any other monthly subscription box except more like a video rental.  You create a wish list from their available sets, they ship you a sanitized set with everything you need such as pieces and manuals, you play as much as you like, then you return in the pre-labeled box, and your next set arrives to begin the cycle over.  No more buying expensive kits from the store that only end up in a pile after your child is bored with the same set never to be touched again.

        While it isn't typical to buy one for keeps, you still have that possibility.  If your child falls in love with a certain set, you can buy it at an extremely discounted price.  Once paid for, your subscription continues where it left off with the next set on your list!  When our sets arrived, I was pretty vigilant about keeping the sets separate from our own LEGO's and watchful so we wouldn't lose a single piece.  However, it was great to find out that Pley realizes that accidents do happen here and there.  They DON'T charge you if a piece accidentally is lost which put me at ease a little better.  You just report the missing piece and life goes on.

        Our sets arrived clean, including everything in the box and the boys were able to start building immediately.  We were confused initially as to whether it would be worth it monthly and now I've got to say, I wouldn't question it.  When it comes to gifts and activities for the Summer, this is truly perfect!  It's always such a pain picking out a LEGO set for Dane's friends birthday gifts and now I don't have to.  I can give them a totally different option which is affordable too!  This Summer, instead of sitting on the couch watching TV or playing video games, Dane and Declan can build unlimited creations!  The boys thought this was pretty darn cool and are ready for us to start a subscription right away!

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $2 for shipping will get you a FREE 30 day trial of one set
$19.99/mo for unlimited Lego Set exchanges on all sets in the Builder category (155 options - easy and medium sets)
$49.99 for unlimited Lego Set exchanges on all sets in the Master category (300+ options - all sets including advanced w/ 4000+ pieces)
Recommendation:  To be honest you pay 3x this for even the smaller sets.  I think this is absolutely a great idea especially the more I look into it!  I am honestly planning on purchasing this for other kiddos in my family too!
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