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        My dream for as long as I can remember has been to live on a ton of property in the typical old style country home with a large wrap around porch and a massive kitchen.  One of the things I always pictured having would be sitting on the porch watching the kids play in the yard with a tire swing just like you see in the movies!  Now, Kevin and I finally have this ALL for our family.

        Growing up in suburban Michigan and living for a short period of time in Georgia, I had lost all faith that people lived in such a relaxed and "old fashioned" atmosphere.  However, after moving into our house and small town this past fall, I quickly realized it was still possible.  Everyone here seems to know everyone, neighbors offer to share from their gardens and crops, there is no hustle and bustle unless you count the sound of cows moving across their pasture.

        Because of this new and exciting part of our life upon us, I was over joyed when Swings and Things agreed to send me one of their Large Swing and Spin Swings for our backyard.  Swing and Spin knows that most of the fond memories we have as adults revolve around being outdoors and playing on play grounds in some way.  The brand has created a swing that isn't just for one but everyone in your family (or all of your friends).

       They remember how much people of the past enjoyed a good old fashioned tire swing.  However, they realize that tire swings come with multiple negatives and so instead they created the Swing and Spin (tire) Swing.  I was sent over the Large Swing and Spin to put to the test not only as a parent but for the kids to review.  I am soooo excited to share this awesome product with you!
        The cool concept with this swing is that you can do more than just swinging back and forth.  You can spin it in circles like you know a lot kids love to do anyway.  Declan especially loved being the only one on the swing as we spun him dizzy!  The boys can get on this one at the same time and work together to get it going as fast and as high as they can.  Alana loves to be able to just sit on it to read so far this Summer since it's almost as comfortable as any hammock.

        The Large Swing and Spin can seat two people at a max of 540 lbs which is amazingly strong.  Not only is this something for your children but adults can enjoy it just as much!  Right away, Kevin made sure to read the instructions on how to hang the swing properly.  While we have a heavily treed yard, we didn't have the right trees in the right spots with strong enough branches to hang it.  So Kevin built sort of his own swing set/tree swing area.

        This fits the width of two swings so anyone with a regular swing set can use this just as easily without having to build their own.  The best part is when you first open this, you can tell instantly the quality made parts which go into making such a strong swing.  "Made from UV Resistant Polyethylene", this isn't just going to last one season because of weather or like your traditional tire swing.  Using a nickel plated iron ring core, I also know that this is going to hold strong when I let the kids pile on like monkeys and go nuts!
        I know especially somewhere with weather like we have here in Michigan, this is not your average swing.  Moving where I have, I've noticed more of the old tire swings which just look plain dangerous after being outside for who knows how long.  Also knowing that the traditional swing sets the rest of my friends have for their kids, only last a few seasons without looking shabby or falling apart. This is built to last in all conditions and for years.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $149.99 Large Swing and Spin 
Recommendation:  I definitely would recommend this to anyone who has a yard to put it in!  You don't even have to have children to make it cool!  Plus it fits on either your current swing set or using something else to hold sturdy.  I do think its a bit pricey for a single swing but again the quality is totally there and you will probably spend twice as much over the years replacing the swings that cost less anyway!
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  1. I want my great grandbaby to have a swing like I had as a child thanks

  2. This is such an awesome swing! I'd love to win it for my kids. We have a nice tree in the middle of our yard and we'd hang it from there.

  3. I'd like to win this for my kids though we will all use it :) I'd hang it from the tree in our back yard.

  4. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Swings and Things Swing and Spin Large Swing Review! I absolutely love this swing! I know the kids will just love it! I love that more than one person can fit on this swing and that you can also go in circles! This is really an awesome swing! Thanks for sharing your fantastic review, the pictures, and your personal and professional opinions on Swings and Things Swing and Spin Large Swing Review with all of us! I truly do appreciate it!!!! Thanks again! Michele

  5. we are adding to what we have & this would be a great addition!

  6. This would be for my niece & nephews. They stay here a lot, & it would be great to have something outdoors for them.

  7. I would hang this from a big tree in the back yard! My nephews & niece need something to use outside when they are here, which is just about every day.

  8. Hope to win my great grandbaby

  9. I agree this would be much safer & comfortable than old-style tire swings. I'd love to have one of these for my niece & nephews to play outdoors with, since they are here a lot.

  10. This looks like such a fun swing! My kids would love it!

  11. This is so neat! I babysit my niece & nephews a lot & it would be great to have something like this to let them use outdoors!

  12. This does look like so much fun! My youngest nephew would especially love spinning in this, lol.


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