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If you love fresh flowers, you know that beautiful plants and flowers from Brisbane flower delivery services will fill your home with beautiful blooms. Have you ever thought about creating a specialty garden that you can enjoy year-round? Whatever your special interest or size of your yard, a specialty garden will provide an inspiring place in your yard where you'll enjoy spending time on a lovely afternoon.

Cutting Gardens

What could be more beautiful than a cutting garden filled with colorful flowers right outside your door? Whether you need a variety of blooms for a centerpiece or a bunch of daisies for a kitchen vase, cut flowers are always inspiring. With a cutting garden you can plant annuals, perennials and bulbs with a variety of flowers that will bloom at different times throughout the year. This way you'll have colorful flowers for your home year-round. You can start your cutting garden with easy-to-grow flowers like day lilies, marigolds, mums, daffodils, violets and roses, but there are hundreds of flower species to choose from. You'll want to make sure you select varieties will do well in your garden location with existing sun, shade, soil and water conditions.

Scented Gardens

To create a scented garden, you'll want to select plants and flowers that release fragrant scents when you handle them or crush them. You can use your scented garden to cut fragrant flowers for your home and create dried flowers that can be used for potpourri and sachets. Here are some great plants that will give off wonderful scents in your yard:

* Lavender – Natural, mild scent with a rather earthy fragrance
* Roses – Blush noisette roses gives off a fragrance that smells like cloves
* Gardenias – Very sweet smell that resembles a poignant perfume
* Jasmine – Sweet, but mild fragrance, especially in the evening
* Lilac – Spicy, sweet fragrance that's strong in early spring
* Scarlet Pineapple Sage – A shrubby perennial with bright red flowers and foliage that smells like ripe pineapple

Specialty gardens will provide years of colorful blooms, fragrant scents and lovely afternoons in the garden. You can create edible gardens with herbs for cooking, cottage gardens with rambling wildflowers or Asian gardens for tranquil meditation. If you have kids, a children's garden can serve as a great teaching tool to acquaint them with gardening and the beauty of nature. Whatever type of specialty garden you choose, it will create a special outdoor place where you'll love to spend time gardening.

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  1. (Create An Inspiring Specialty Garden) My flowers did great this year. It was my tomato's that did not do to well. I did get to eat a few of them and they were good too. Maybe next year will be better.


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