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        In past years, I've grown this huge beautiful garden that produces some really great fruit and vegetables in the beginning of the year.  Then towards the end of the summer each year, I get busy spending my time with the kids or friends.  It never fails, I forget to water my plants one day, one day only and everything is down hill from there.  They each slowly begin to die or just don't end up the same for the rest of the season.

        This year, I am dealing with some different challenges than in the past.  My soil at the new house is hard, filled with clay.  My location decision wasn't quite the most convenient for watering while I still think it was the best placement.  I live on several acres and decided to put the garden in the southeast corner where it was most open, free from too much shade, and the best elevation of the yard.

        I figured as I expanded I would move in on the lot and closer to the house.  But for now, I have to get water out there daily to care for my plants.  I've got a rain barrel in the actual garden and a hose that leads all the way out there but still it has seemed like so much work for so little return. UNTIL, I discovered Grow Oya.

        Oya's are terracotta pots which you plant in your garden, surrounding it with plants.  Filling it with water every 5-10 days, your plants will continue to grow healthy and abundantly around it.  The plants will take the water they need when they need it making your garden quite the efficient one.  Because we can't read our plants minds, we can frequently under water or over water our plants without knowing.

        Over watering happens quite a bit and is more wasteful than most realize.  It can even harm your plants and the foods you eat.  Using an Oya, your plant can water itself as the soil dries. Not only can the Oya help when you forget to water like I do or while you are on vacation, it prevents from over watering as well which is great for beginner gardeners.

        Now while this sounds similar to those other products like the grow globes or upside down waterer's, it just plain isn't.  You can see from my garden pictures I've tried those with my own DIY ideas.  The garden bed with the Oya is filled with abundant and happy plants.  The plants inside that specific bed are growing better than any of my other six beds.

        Because there is no surface water, there are no weeds in this bed and the plants (beans specifically) are producing more than any single plant in my garden.  I actually have yielded more than I had planned from that bed.  AND because we have hard water in our area, the Oya helps filter out the bad minerals making my plants much happier.  With a recent family emergency which took my attention away from the garden for the last month, Oya saved my plants!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $24.95 - $34.95 From Small to Large Oya Pots 
Recommendation:  I honestly think this is a great price for something that can save you up to 70% on your water bill first and foremost.  With all the benefits, it makes it even more worth it.  I will say I'd like to see some bundle pricing since I have so many beds in my garden that I'd like to have a bunch of these in each one depending on size.  If you are a gardener of any level I would recommend giving these a try and it's likely you'll be hooked by the results as I am.
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