Olive Yew Jewels Name Bangle Bracelet Review

        First of all what girl doesn't love jewelry, even a chick like me who rarely changes her style.  I was thrilled when I was first asked by Olive Yew Jewels to review their Name Bangle Bracelet.  I had seen a few of their different jewelry designs and really liked their Best Friend Necklaces.  I thought the uniqueness of the engraved copper and brass jewelry would make for a beautiful accessory.  I originally wanted 'A Lucky Ladybug' on the bracelet (and even without spaces) but it ended up too long to fit on the bangle so I settled for 'Poole'.

        As most of you know, I would normally start off this review by telling you a bit more in depth about the brand before telling you my opinion.  Unfortunately, my information is limited since their website is bringing up a red flag in my spyware protection.  So onto the bracelet!  When this first arrived, I thought the Name Bangle was beautiful.  It had a very simple, thin design in a beautiful copper finish.

        While I loved the bangle initially, unfortunately I have to say that changed pretty drastically the longer I had it and wore it.   Not only was the bracelet very thin and therefore bent extremely easy, but it tarnished pretty quickly too.  I was very careful to avoid getting it wet as much as possible and still I ended up with the purple/green markings on my wrist from it.  Each time I removed the bracelet it bent out of shape unless I scraped my wrist up trying to slide it off (and I have small wrists).

Cost/Available to purchase:  $47 Name Bangle Bracelet
UPDATE: Now that I am able to access the website finally due to them fixing whatever error was showing, I can tell you that I am NOT impressed with this bracelet even more knowing that is cost $47.  The quality does not match up with this price in any way.
Recommendation:  Overall, I cannot tell you if this was costly or not because of the site issues but I can say I wouldn't recommend this bracelet regardless of price.  Again, I did love their different designs initially presented when I was first asked so it might be worth checking out if you can get the site to load.  This was a bummer to even have to write since I was so excited for this one.
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