SolaMist Mosquito and Insect Misting System from Remington Solar Review and #Giveaway

Remington Solar
        I love entertaining as you can obviously tell.  But depending on the time of year, this can prove to be a pain in the butt (or arm, or neck, or legs).  Bugs can literally be a pain and can put such a damper in your outdoor activities.  With both our recent move and the exceptionally wet season we've had, the mosquitoes are insanely bad here lately.

        We've been trying everything and anything in our backyard this Summer with no luck.  We've made it appoint to keep a ton of citronella candles on hand for the nights we are outside; We've coated the kids with lotions, sprays, and essential oils;  We've used sprays on ourselves as well as the yard; We've tried bracelets and clip on's and still no luck.

        We had almost given up on enjoying our big backyard until I discovered a much "smarter" course of action.  I was recently given the big opportunity to work with the brand Remington Solar.  They graciously sent me over their Chlorine-Free Sun Shock which you might have read my recent review.  They also sent over their SolaMist Mosquito and Insect Misting System.

        First and foremost, this bad boy is powered completely by the sun!  Using a solar panel, the misting system is completely portable and environmentally friendly.  Because of this, it even "qualifies for a 30% federal tax rebate".  The SolaMist Pro Concentrate helps kill spiders, wasps, and most importantly mosquitoes.

        While the unit can hold 12 gallons, you get to control how much it uses and how frequently it will spray the designated area.  You even have complete control from your smart phone since the SolaMist system is Wi-Fi enabled.  Other systems I've researched make it hard to monitor and control usage.

        Each unit comes with 45 feet tubing, 15 tube clips, and 15 spray nozzles.  This effectively made it's way around the perimeter of our upper back deck (which is fairly large). We are planning on purchasing the additional tubing and spray nozzles to cover the lower deck as well.  The SolaMist Pro Concentrate which also comes with each unit should last approximately 2-4 weeks.

        Not only can you control the schedule from your phone app but you can add unplanned sprays as you need.  We live about 40 minutes from my parents where we were over the past holiday weekend.  As we started packing up to bring the party back to our house for the evening, Kevin was able to schedule a spray prior to our arrival home.  This way the mosquitoes were gone by the time we arrived and hanging out on the back deck.

        Beyond my love for all things solar powered, I am happy to say the SolaMist Pro Concentrate is both non-toxic and environmentally safe.  It is completely safe for you, your family, and your pets.  Declan, being the trouble maker he is, wanted to run through the spray the first time he saw it.  My chickens and dogs both were curious about it too so I am happy to hear I don't have to worry about them being around any harmful chemicals.

        Believe it or not, this has worked great!  We started out seeing a less spiders right away on the deck and next the mosquitoes lessened.  While you of course are not going to be able to eliminate the pests 100%, I can sure tell you my family is extremely happy with the results since the SolaMist arrived.  I can feel confident now entertaining in my backyard like I used to enjoy.  No more hiding in the house when the weather is nice.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $499 (or $349 with tax credit) SolaMist Mosquito and Insect Misting System 
$99.17 SolaMist Pro Concentrate 4-pack 
Recommendation:  Initially, this seems like an expensive gadget BUT if you look at the cost of spraying your home or yard for spiders and bees (which we've done multiple times), it pays for itself in one use.  Other systems can cost thousands of dollars and work less efficiently than this one.  Not only is this an inexpensive price if you have this type of pest problem but it is a solution that is actually safe all around.  If you entertain, spend a lot of time outdoors with your family, live near the water or wood areas, this is for you.  Without hesitation I would make the purchase again and recommend you do too!

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Giveaway:  Remington Solar is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a SolaMist Mosquito and Insect Misting System to have of their own!
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