Five Great Activities to Stay Healthy this Summer

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There is no better time of the year to get in your best shape and health than in summer, when the weather is great and there is more opportunity than ever to get outside and be active. Whether you love to be active or find working-out to be a chore, there are plenty of things you can do during the summer to keep you looking and feeling good. Here are just a few.

1. Walk instead of drive

Not only is walking a good way to stay healthy but it’s also a positive way to cut down on pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels in cars. In the winter you have excuses galore —rain, snow, cold — to not walk to most of your close destinations, but come summer you’ll find that getting out in the fresh air makes you feel good.

2. Try biking

Cycling is another way to get around and is also a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise. The key thing to enjoying your time cycling is to ensure that you have equipment that is best suited for your specific style of riding — be it a road bike or a mountain bike. When winter comes, you can also keep up your form and exercise going by purchasing a stationary exercise bike. You can buy exercise bikes from Tesco and other good retailers.

3. Join a sports team

Summer is the prime time of year for joining sports leagues, and whether your preference is football, basketball, hockey, or something else, getting involved in a sport where you have regular scheduled games and events will force you out of the house and onto the playing field. Sports teams and other group exercise activities are also a nice way to make new friends and to network.
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4. Gardening

It might not seem like the most obvious form of exercise, but if you’re looking for an outdoor activity that is not overly stressful on your body and provides similar types of relaxation to more intense forms of exercise, gardening might be the choice for you. Gardening relieves stress and can help you to keep a healthy diet, as you will be able to grow some of your own organic foods.

5. Trekking

An important part of exercise is that it allows you to escape the burdens of day-to-day life, and one of the best ways to completely escape those stresses is by getting out into the natural world. A trekking trip is a fun and active way to explore beautiful landscapes. You can escape for a day head out camping for an extended period. There are all different types of trek that you can organize yourself or find online, many of which will take you past interesting natural and historical sites.

Remember that exercise and staying healthy is as much about treating your body well as it is treating your mind, so be sure to relax and let go of your worries as you perform your exercise of choice.

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  1. For myself, gardening would be my Summer activity of choice, but my niece & nephews are all about sports in the Summer! Summer vacation starts here tomorrow, so we'll see what sports they play this Summer.


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