2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco Review

        We can all head to our local dealership to test drive a vehicle if we really want to but honestly, how much can you learn about a vehicle from maybe a 20 minute drive!?  You can research the vehicles specs but you just can't get a full experience or true feel for how the vehicle is going to work for you on a day to day basis.  That being said, this is why I love sharing the newest car reviews and trends.

        I have yet another exciting review to share with you just before the holidays!  I was recently sent over the Hyundai Sonata Eco and I have to tell you from the very beginning of this review, that this is one sharp car!  Being that my test vehicle came in red it completed the sporty look from the start.  Yet again, I am gonna start off by saying never have I considered purchasing or leasing a Hyundai vehicle before now.  I have nothing against the company its just never seemed to be in my thoughts as an optional vehicle.

        The 2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco has some really awesome features that I personally was pretty impressed with.  As soon as I approached the car for the first time I noticed the chrome exterior door handles with welcome light which was pretty neat especially during night time.  It has Solar Controlled Glass so before you even enter the car, it has reduced the interior heat built up on sunny days.

        I liked the shark fin antenna, chrome front grille, and LED daytime running lights which looked both sporty and luxury on this model.  Now that I am used to it, I was happy to find this model has the push button start with smart key.  With color touchscreen audio and navigation, the Hyundai Sonata is the total smart car package.

        I, like most people have gotten used to the hands free and Bluetooth features most cars come standard with.  It actually seems odd for me to find one which doesn't.  The Hyundai Sonata comes standard in all models with steering wheel-mounted audio, Bluetooth® and cruise controls.  This makes it simple with press of a button to change your radio station that much easier and without having to take focus off the road!

        Designed with the new Android AutoTM, I was pumped to review this vehicle since our family is full of Android users.  Android AutoTM is a simple interface integrated into the steering wheel controls, which uses your android device to follow voice commands.  Again helping minimize distractions while driving.

        I was most impressed with the Blind Spot Detection System which at first scared me as I was driving this for the first time.  I had no idea why my side mirror were blinking and I thought I had possibly something wrong with the car.  Whenever there is a vehicle in your possible blind spot (on the side of your vehicle) the mirror flashes a warning to keep you from changing lanes while unaware.  After getting used to this it seems as though a feature you almost don't want to live without.

        The the security and safety of this vehicle and all its features is absolutely fantastic. You can rest assured you and your family are very well protected when driving in this vehicle.  From the Rear Camera Display to the advanced air bags throughout the vehicle, they seem to have thought of everything.

        Not only is this a brand which has your safety in mind, they also want you to feel the luxury of a superstar!  We decided to put the skills of this car to the test by driving it both on city, suburban, and expressway roads as well as around the country dirt roads.  It handled great on any paved road but struggled a bit on the dirt roads.  I felt like the vehicle was built with more luxury travel in mind than any type of country driving.

        We were a bit concerned about the way the car starts off from a complete stop as it seemed quite jerky and anything but smooth at take off unless you slammed on the gas pedal (which of course you don't really want to do in most circumstances).  Once you hit 5-10 miles per hour, everything was smooth sailing from there though so I supposed I just wouldn't recommend trying to race the car.

        The Eco model was able to get approximately 32 MPG combined city and highway driving.  To be honest I felt as if we got closer to 28-30 MPG which is great driving where we live!  I really can't say enough great things about the 2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco!  We were thoroughly disappointed to see it go.

Available to Purchase/Cost: Starting at $23,275 - 2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco
Recommendation:  This is a vehicle I would definitely recommend to any small family, couple, or single!  The features are all there and totally in tune with the pricing of the vehicle and then some.  You are going to feel as though you are driving a luxury and sports vehicle at a standard price!
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