2015 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide - Pet Lovers #HGG

        Pets are our family and we do everything we can to take care of them.  Sometimes they are our children or maybe they are an addition to the kids; They can be best friends and confidants; Sometimes they replace lost loved ones and other times they bring to joy to new loves.  Either way our pet's hold a special place in each of our hearts.  If you feel the same way, I've got some really great products for your furry, scaly, or feathered family members this holiday!

1. Pooch Perks
        If you've got a pup obsession, Pooch Perks is the best all around monthly box for dogs.  Each box is dog tested and approved, with anywhere from 2 to 6 items every month (depending on the package you choose).  Filled with toys and treats made in the USA, your pup is sure to feel pampered each time their special package arrives.  It's great to hear that they source from USA made brands and give preference "to small batch gourmet, socially aware, treat companies".

        With 3 large breed dogs in our house (and pretty big chewers), I was thrilled to hear each of their toys and treats are tested "by two german shepherds, a doberman, a yellow lab, and a husky for durability, safety, and most importantly fun".  The treats are also "Made with natural ingredients safe for human consumption".  My teenage daughter was tempted to try the dog treats since they smelled a looked just like real people cookies.

        Even more touching, these packages come addressed to your dogs so they can get their own special mail just like the rest of us.  Specifically designed for your dogs size, each box is affordable with shipping included in the pricing which you don't find often in a monthly subscription.  And as if that wasn't enough, a portion of your monthly Pooch Perks subscription is donated to organizations that rescue abused and neglected pooches.
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2. Loving Pets - Bella Bowls® and Dolce Double Diners®
        I truly love to incorporate the pets furniture and personal items into our lifestyle.  I love color coordinating between my furry girls and boys as well as matching our own decor and who doesn't?!  People eat on nice plates most evenings, so why not them!

        The Bella Bowls® are an award winning, patented dog bowl with a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.  These are even dishwasher safe for when your dogs get a little sloppy like mine with a removable rubber base helping prevent spills! All Dolce diners and dishes feature removable, bacteria resistant stainless steel bowls in durable plastic bases.  The Dolce Double Diners® include removable skid-free rubber feet or rings and are available in a variety of shapes /styles and colors to match any décor or pet personality.

3. Loving Pets Natural Value™ Chicken Tenders
        These are "100% farmed and made in the U.S.A.". With such a gourmet taste, these are made from all-natural chicken, duck and beef.  I love that these are also gluten and grain free.  You can purchase these special treats in a variety styles -  Meat Tenders (Chicken or Duck), Meat Sticks (Chicken, Duck or Beef) and Sausages (Chicken, Duck or Beef).
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4. Whimzees
        You also need to worry about health as a responsible pet owner.  Taking your pets to the vet for a regular check up and vaccines is very important.  Just like humans, a dogs teeth can make all the difference in their health - both long and short term.  I've never been a fan of brushing any of my dogs teeth and not because I don't want to but more-so because it's a messy job.  My dogs are slobbery messes to begin with and then you try to add a brush and a tasty paste to their jaws....?

        Whimzees has the solution for every pet parent in town.  They are an amazing dog chew available in a variety of shapes and sizes (depending on your dogs preference).  Whimzees unique shapes which are always changing help prevent the build up of tarter, "ensure proper blood flow through the gums and prevent bad breath". They contain ZERO artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, preservatives, GMOs, gluten, or meat. I would recommend them for your dog's oral health (plus they make great bonus treats)!
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5. Healthy Pet - Simply Pine and ökocat 
        ökocat is made from 100% reclaimed fiber and comes in five different formulas depending on your needs.  In clumping formulas for long hair cats who tend to get litter stuck in their hair and dust free for those rambunctious kitty's who kick it everywhere!  Both formulas work great for my chickens as the ökocat is 500% more absorbing than normal litter.  Made from "fallen timber and unused lumber", this lightweight litter is chemical free.  It is biodegradable unlike clay litter so I can easily use this in my compost pile once cleaned out of the coop (or litter boxes).

        Unlike traditional clay litters, I can actually use the litter in the bottom of my brooder where it has a natural anti-microbial effect fighting bacterial growth and keeping my babies that much healthier!  Plus with this being a dust free litter, pet owners have less mess to worry about! "Simply Pine™ absorbs cat urine 3X better than traditional clay litters".  With all the same benefits as the ökocat, Simply Pine is also made from natural Northeastern pine.

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