BuySend Home and Garden Review

     Moving into the new house this past year, we that we were going to take every opportunity we could to update all areas of the home.  We especially are focused on Growing into Green as a family.  Of course shopping for each area of the home can be done at stores themed for the specific area.  BUT, finding somewhere which provides for each area of the home in one place is a big win.

        While I am always trying to find deals for these housewares, I also hate cheaply made products from who knows where as they rarely last any type of lengthy use.  So when BuySend asked me to to give some of their products a review, I definitely wanted to give them a try!  Unfortunately, I have to start out right away by saying the website was terrible to use.

        Not only did the products list one price as we were searching through, but then they listed an increased price once clicking on to purchase.  The main category menus showed 'X' amount in certain categories and when you click, the section would be empty.  There were items in completely incorrect categories and forget searching for anything as it seemed impossible no matter how detailed you were.  I think maybe they got a bit too big to handle and didn't organize properly which for an online retailer is a big issue.

        Even with the issues, we were able to eventually find a few items for our home (after quite a bit of time spent online searching).  We were sent over the Silverline Planting Bag, a Retractable Clothesline, and the Kingfisher Micro Irrigation Garden System, all for review.  The products arrived quite quickly especially since they were shipped from the UK.

        With the arrival of the products, we've already begun setting up clothesline for the Fall in hopes of saving on utilities and more naturally drying our clothes.  The garden bag is in place in the garden filled with mulch to hopefully compost over the Winter and make for a nutrient filled bed for my plants this Spring.  With the change in temperature we decided to wait on the irrigation system.

        Each of the products were of a great quality especially for the pricing and worked well with our lifestyle.  The amount of other products this company has available in one place is truly amazing.  I would definitely be interested to see how this company truly develops as well as purchasing more of my housewares products from them! I recommend checking out all they have to offer (and not getting too frustrated with their website as I am sure it will only take some time to get more organized).

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  1. This looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The Silverline Planting Bag is something I'd like to try. Hopefully, they've straightened out their website because I'd be likely to give up if I can't navigate it easily!


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