Healthy Pet - Simply Pine and ökocat Litter Review

        I've shared with everyone the wide variety of pet's we have and have had over the years.  I just feel like the more we have the happier our home is.  Each and everyone big and small are part of our family.  When you have small animal pets, they may seem easier to care for because they are usually contained in a tank or small critter cages.  However, there are still tons of important factors you need to be concerned with.  Bedding or litter being a major element of their environment.

        When asked if I was interested in reviewing some of the Healthy Pet products, I was initially going to say no.  Simply Pine and ökocat are both litters designed for your furry kitty family members.  Being that we lost our cat this last year, it would only make sense that we wouldn't have a need for these products.  However, then an "aha" moment came to me and I realized, there were other pet members in our house (or outside) that could use these products and even more-so than our cat would have.

        Our chickens (and baby chicks) use bedding and litter of different kinds in their coop, nesting boxes, and brooder.  With baby chicks, you do have to be cautious as to what you use in their brooder and coop.  Chickens can be quite messy spilling their food into bedding below where they will still tend to eat it.  (Do NOT use cedar bedding as the oil can cause upper respitory problems).  Pine bedding is best and thankfully, both ökocat and (obviously) Simply Pine are made from natural pine.

        ökocat is made from 100% reclaimed fiber and comes in five different formulas depending on your needs.  In clumping formulas for long hair cats who tend to get litter stuck in their hair and dust free for those rambunctious kitty's who kick it everywhere!  Both formulas work great for my chickens as the ökocat is 500% more absorbing than normal litter.  Made from "fallen timber and unused lumber", this lightweight litter is chemical free.

        It is biodegradable unlike clay litter so I can easily use this in my compost pile once cleaned out of the coop.  Unlike traditional clay litters, I can actually use the litter in the bottom of my brooder where it has a natural anti-microbial effect fighting bacterial growth and keeping my babies that much healthier!  Plus with this being a dust free litter, I also have less to worry about in my coop!

        I love that with the Simply Pine, my coop literally smells like the outdoors and for longer.  "Simply Pine™ absorbs cat urine 3X better than traditional clay litters", which I can tell you has worked great for my huge chicken coop.  I can only imagine what it would do for a nice small litter box.  WIth all the same benefits as the ökocat, Simply Pine is also made from natural Northeastern pine.

        As you can imagine, the coop can get quite stinky if not cleaned constantly just like when we used to have the litter box.  We have noticed a huge difference in the smell in that there seems to be much less, giving us more time between bedding changes.  It's even made those litter changes easier and what feels like a much healthier process.  While I still wear a mask, I feel like scooping is easier and neater with less flying around in the air.

Available to purchase/Cost:  Visit Healthy Pet for more information
Recommendation:  I thought this bedding worked great especially in comparison to the products we've used in the past.  The quality was both effective in the reduction of smells as well as easy to clean and the chickens loved it!

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