Pure #fiveHTP by ChronosPharma Review

        I was very excited when recently asked to review the product Pure 5HTP by ChronosPharma as my daughter suffers from anxiety.  Because we try to avoid putting our children on any kind of medication unless it is absolutely necessary, she's never taken any kind of anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medications.  I've been wanting to find something that was more herbal instead of all the unknown chemicals that are in most prescription medications for her especially still being a teenager.

        Not only is 5 HTP an all natural supplement, extracted from the Griffonia Simplicfolia plant.  This not only can help with primarily with your anxiety but can also aide in relief of stress, as an anti-depressant as well as helping with giving more restful sleep because your more naturally relaxed.  Because it gives a natural boost in Serotonin, it can help with appetite control and aid in weight loss.

        Since this arrived the first time, my daughter has fallen in love with the effects the 5-HTP has for her.  Because she deals with the severe anxiety, we decided she needed something to help her feel more relaxed and calm.  I did my research and of course I knew it was a more natural solution.  Each day Alana takes 2 capsules and if she happens to forget, she can tell a complete difference.

        She says these help her to relax during stressful school times, improve her overall mood, and while she can fall asleep easily at night, she has not felt drowsy once from taking these.  I HIGHLY recommend these to anyone dealing with stress or anxiety who might want a more natural form of relief!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $13.99 Chronos Pharma Super Premium 5 HTP 
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  1. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Pure #fiveHTP by ChronosPharma Review! I'm so glad that this product has worked to help your daughter with her stress and anxiety! I often wonder if these products actually do what they claim to do. This sounds like it's a terrific product for teenagers and adults who suffer from stress, anxiety, and not able to sleep! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review and your personal and professional opinions on Pure #fiveHTP by ChronosPharma Review with all of us! I honestly do really appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele :)


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