Time Saving Tips for the Busy Mommy

You’re a go-go type of mommy and being a parent is one tough gig, especially when it’s combined with work, carpool duty, cooking, cleaning and everything else in between.  But with a few consumer-savvy ideas like Dominos PayPal and a splash of time consuming management—you may find yourself shocked to find out how a small change could have such an impact:

Pen to paper planner 

Sure, the 21-century is chock full of electronic gadgets and chic sleek automated devices, but there is really nothing more dependable than a daily planner you actually have to write in.

Writing things down, whether it be soccer game schedules to doctor appointments, garbage night to parent-teacher meetings, and everything you’ll need to know from now till then, is easily found in your notebook of mommy duties. Additionally, writing in a notebook versus typing into a miniature computer is far more concrete and subconsciously more memorable.  

Meal book 

You’re constantly on the go, and probably have little time to grocery shop. Having a meal plan by the refrigerator or pantry is a great way to have the kids help you to know what you need to get from the supermarket. No more cheesy strings? Put it on the board. No more orange juice or cereal? Put it on the board.

Your meal plan will ensure you that you get what the kids want back into the house. This will save you time and money, as going grocery shopping with a checklist equipped in hand pigeonholes your spending. Stopping you from over shopping food items that may go to waste or uneaten and other impulsive purchasing decisions.

Time, task, who

Who says doing things the old fashion is out of style? Methodical thinking is key to this family idea—another great way to save you and your family significant time to spend more time with each other. Have a chore and personal cheat sheet in a communal area of the house with:

 Time - Divvy up the day into half hour increments to give you and your family a blue print of the day’s essentials.

 Task – From scooping up the dog poop to brushing teeth and turning off all electronics. Your time, task and who planner specially details out every second of the day.

 Who – Explicitly describes which family member(s) pertains to the task or chore.

Remember to add a daily dose of fun

The most important things in life are usually the simplest of things. Between school, work, bills, house chores, etc., life can get pretty overwhelming. But what’s important is that you keep you and your family healthy and happy. So, every day, no matter what mood or situation you’re in, try to at least spend an hour or so with your family doing a leisurely activity. Whether it a game of charades, watching a funny movie, a spooky bed time story or even a light conversation reminiscing about the day that was—relax, bond and remember out all the crazy things in life, what’s important most, is under your roof.

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