2015 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide - Eco-Enthusiasts/Green Gifts #HGG

        If you are an eco-enthusiast like myself, you know how important it is to purchase socially conscious products for the planet and humanity on an every day basis.  So of course you want to do the same during such a big shopping season when we can make the biggest impact.  Maybe your not that familiar with the "growing into green" lifestyle but someone around you is and you're looking to buy for them.  Regardless of the reason, THANK YOU!  I've got some really great products for the eco-enthusiasts of all levels this holiday!

1. Fresh n' Lean
        With any change in diet, the key is still eating.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, eat healthier, or go in a different lifestyle direction, your body needs some sort of nutrition in the proper portions.  Starving yourself really is just that and it almost is all for a waste because your body then works against you to store the fat you have instead of burning it.  Fresh n' Lean is an organic and vegan meal plan.

        Meals are prepared fresh to order and delivered directly to your home.  Using all organic vegan meal, GMO free, and contain no artificial ingredients, this meal plan is 100% plant-based.  This system is designed for "Type 2 Diabetics, Heart and Cardio Vascular disease patients, Pre-Op and Post-Op hospital patients, Athletes, Trainers, and those dieting or looking for a healthier lifestyle".

        With the ability to order and modify meals to fit my tastes and restrictions, Fresh n' Lean is the perfect delivery meal plan system to help improve someones personal health.  At about $30 a day for the 3 meal a day plan, you are spending a typical amount for someone who eats out daily.  The meals arrived fresh and easy to make at home.
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2. Glasstic Bottles
        Glasstic Water Bottles are a truly unique water bottle with more features than you can imagine.  First and foremost these are water bottles made using a toxin-free glass bottle which then sits inside a a BPA free, durable outer shell. What's great about this whole set up is that not only is your glass bottle now shatterproof, if it breaks at any point in its lifetime, the glass will be completely contained saving you from a potential hazardous injury and the pain of cleaning up the mess.

        The bottle unscrews at the bottom if a break does occur to drain the liquid and glass.  Then all you need to do is slide the outer shell off and a replacement glass bottle can be purchased.  You can carry your favorite hot or cold beverages without worrying about condensation and the double wall keeps beverages at temperature longer than your average water bottle or mug.

        Because we are always using reusable bottles in our house I am in love with this ESPECIALLY because I know it is safer for my crazy boys to use it.  I don't have to worry about them cutting themselves if they drop it or it possibly breaking in Alana's back pack to and from school.  What's even more fun is that you can scoop these eco-friendly bottles up in a variety of patterns and colors so they make for a perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list this year!
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Grow Your Own Green
3. Click and Grow
       A while back this awesome gadget caught my eye and I knew just had to have one.  "The Click and Grow is designed to bring life into urban homes and spread the joy of growing something on your own, even if you have never been blessed with a green thumb."  For growers of all levels, this gadget is beyond easy to use and helps grow a variety of plants.  If you don't have a green thumb but would love even the smallest garden or plant, this will help you each step of the way!  This awesome gadget monitors your plant and dispenses an exact amount of water, nutrients and oxygen.

        This way if you are inexperienced with plant life, you don't have to worry about over watering or knowing how much fertilizer to add.  You can also still grow while traveling and not worry about coming home to dead plants.  Though, honestly one of my favorite things about this is that I don't have to worry about dirt!  The Click and Grow uses a Smart Soil and what's especially awesome is this smart soil and technology uses "no GMOs, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones, or any other suspicious substances".  So for the tree huggin hippies like me, you can rest easy that your plants are safe!

        The Smart Herb Garden starter kit includes everything you need - 3 Basil cartridges and the unit with sensors, light, and a special water reservoir.  The plant cartridges each have seeds, nutrients and smart soil.  If you are interested in growing something other than basil, Click and Grow refill cartridges are available.  You can grow other herbs like mint, thyme, stevia, parsley, or lemon balm; Grow fresh fruits like tomatoes or strawberries;  Or if you prefer a plant, grow the moving mimosa plant which is new!
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  1. These sound pretty good! I've been tempted to go for a few of the Glasstic bottles! I love their designs, like the tribal design.

  2. The Grow Your Own Green looks interesting. I could see using that with my youngest nephew. He would enjoy growing something himself.

  3. Oh, boy, I would love to try a meal service like Fresh & Lean! I've heard good things about how tasty their food is, so it would be a good one to try.


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