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        One of the best times of year for our family is football season.  My husband comes from a family which is die hard into football even in the off season.  His Father is so obsessed, on our yearly visit over the Christmas holiday, he refused to pay any attention to our family who he barely sees if football was on (even a team he didn't care for).  You might be able to sense my reluctance in understanding this way of thinking, however it's how they've always been.

        My husband loves football and being that my boys are obsessed with being anything like Daddy, they are quickly falling in love with football.  Like most women in families like this, I am also a football fan.  During the Fall season, we watch nothing but football Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and's nuts.  Because the boys have been into watching and learning alongside Daddy, I knew the NFL Shop would be filled with gear for our family.

        We love to tailgate any time we can and frequently try to throw football parties for any game we can.  With the Superbowl nearing and announcements about actress and huge football fan, Anne Hathaway being pregnant, I want to share the new line of NFL Maternity Apparel.  Designed by actress and Mother, Alyssa Milano, mothers-to-be aren't limited in what they wear and how they support their favorite teams!

        While I am not pregnant myself, you never know.  I hate the fact that I couldn't wear things like my favorite team shirts when tailgating just like everyone else.  "From trendy long-sleeve shirts to loose-fitting tees with lace and embellishments, Touch by Alyssa Milano’s maternity collection provides pregnant woman with stylish, comfy clothes that let them show off their team pride."

        Being from Michigan, I am more of a college football fan since I've never been a fan of the Detroit Lions.  My family tends to support the Atlanta Falcons since my husband is from Georgia.  Still we attend more Lions games being in Michigan so I went with the Women's Detroit Lions Touch by Alyssa Milano Heather Gray 50 Yard Line Maternity Long Sleeve T-Shirt.

        I've been wearing this on the weekends regardless of it being maternity or not and absolutely love it.  The shirt is super soft and comfortable.  If I had the pregnant belly, I would love the way it can show off my team pride AND my soon to be little one.  Being pregnant doesn't mean you can't still love and do the same things you did beforehand.  Being uncomfortable in your clothing doesn't have to be a constant and thanks to Alyssa Milano, expecting woman can love their football and wear it too!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $44.99-$54.99 NFL Maternity Apparel
Recommendation:  If you are football fan, obviously the NFL shop is the place to go for all the best gear.  If you are preggers, now it's perfect for you too!  Support your favorite team for the Superbowl or find yourself something comfortable to wear during the regular season.  Regardless, every expecting fan is going to love having this gear on hand!
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  1. those are really nice,,im beyond the child bearing years,but if i wasnt i get one of these

  2. That is so cute! Almost makes me wish I were pregnant.

  3. I had no idea they sold maternity wear! I think that would go over great. There are plenty of female fans out there!


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