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        You know, never in my life would I have imagined my children would be as obsessed as they are with the technology available today.  My job revolves around social media and I am pretty sure they know more than I do about it.  One of those social media outlets happens to be youtube.  With their minecraft obsession in full force, you are guaranteed to find them either playing the game or watching one of their favorite minecraft video channels.

        Stampy is currently their absolute favorite.   If you or someone you know is into Minecraft then I can bet you've heard of Stampy Cat.  I can't say hello anymore without trying to imitate his voice and greating in the youtube videos..."HELLOOOOooo...".  So when asked if I'd be interested in reviewing Stampy's Lovely Book I knew it would be the perfect addition to our household.

        The synopsis says, “Hello, this is Stampy! Welcome to My Lovely Book! Inside you'll find games and activities, hilarious jokes and exclusive info about me and my friends. There's a Stampy cake bake (of course!), a comic strip, silly challenges to try with your friends. I've also included my favourite artwork and crafts from you, my lovely fans! I had so much fun making this book, and I hope you have just as much fun reading it! Stampy Cat Facts: Distinguishing features: long tail, orange fur, big, fluffy whiskers. Likes: playing games, building and cake. Dislikes: Googlies, difficult redstone. Favourite games: Minecraft, Halo, Disney Infinity and Skylanders. Best Lovely World moment: finding my first dog. Most likely to say: Spruce!"

        "With more than 6.5 million subscribers and 4.1 billion cumulative views on YouTube, Stampy Cat is one of the biggest names in online gaming and family-friendly content today."  The two boys truly enjoyed both reading the book and to each other at that.  It has become a nightly reading in our family as well as something they share with their friends whenever possible.  I love seeing them get so excited to read over and over each night!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $6.26 Stampy's Lovely Book 
Recommendation:  Personally I think this was a cute book for any child who is into Minecraft or really a lot of the popular video games trending right now.  For less than $7, you have a book that your kiddos will actually ask to read and while this is a YouTube character, it gets them offline.
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  1. My boys would LOVE this book. I may have to get them for their Easter Baskets. :)

  2. Oh, my nephews are constantly watching Minecraft videos! Ssundee is a favorite of theirs (yes, spelled with double S.) I'm sure Stampy is high on their list too. They would love this.


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