A Green Kitchen is a Happy Healthy Kitchen

You might have heard the quote "The kitchen is the Heart of the Home".  Well, it truly is when it comes to our health.  We eat there, gather there, and usually have to clean there.  With a strong culinary background, I firmly believe in keeping a happy home, you must keep a clean and organized kitchen (even it's at a minimal that works for you).  The kitchen is one of the first places our family started going green and I think it makes for an easy starting point for others.  The products and brands below help make it as simple as possible to still enjoy the same activities your accustomed to while making a eco-friendly change for the planet at the same time.

Green in the Kitchen or on the Go
You can't discuss going green around A Lucky Ladybug without mentioning one of my favorite brands - Cool Gear!  Cool Gear provides all sorts of eco-friendly products that just about anyone can use.  They have everything from reusable cups and self filtering water bottles to salad containers and ice blocks for entertaining.  Its great see such a variety from a company trying contribute in a fun way to the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle).

Little changes to your daily lifestyle are simple with a brand as amazing as Cool Gear Inc.  Using the 16.5 oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug, you can make your own coffee and drink it on the go too!  No more spending tons of money at (and on driving to the) coffee shops.  Or if you just can't live without that brands steamy beverages, use the 15 oz Coffee Insulated Mug instead of their paper cups which end up in the trash.  The mug even looks just like the same paper cups, except it will last longer and reduce your waste.

Speaking of reducing waste, the Deluxe Take Out Container does exactly that and can be used in several ways.  Going out to eat for that special occasion?  There are always leftovers so just in case bring the Deluxe Take Out Container and pack them in that instead of the horrid Styrofoam ones they probably use.  OR use the container for packing your lunch like a pro.  Eat your own food with your own healthy ingredients with a reusable container that never needs to head to the trash!

I can almost guarantee there isn't a time I am inside or out of the home without a Cool Gear product by my side.  My family and friends know this is my go to brand which I am always boasting about.  Cool Gear not only makes a difference but can also save you money.  Each time I check out their site they have new creative products for everyone and anyone to use - kids or adults.  As always, I highly recommend these "cool" products to everyone and anyone.
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Tools with a Green "Twist"
Green cleaning means more than just the keeping the bad chemicals out of your cleaning solutions.  You can make a difference in your home by using the right tools to clean too.  Paper towel is a big no no in my house but doers that mean the wash cloth I use instead is really the most eco-friendly and effective solution?  Not always!  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review some of the products from Twist by Butler Home Products.

Twist is "a complete collection of naturally spongey, plant based, scrubby cleaning marvels" which "clean dishes, respect the planet, and look good it".  In an effort to make my cleaning routine even more green than I thought it already was with my homemade cleaners and zero wasted paper products, I've found a much more effective way of cleaning.  Cleaning the right way the first time using products which are both safe for my kitchen and my family.

Twist products (like the Loofah Scrubby, Ravioli Scrubby, or Scour Pads) are abrasive enough for tough messes, but won't damage your cookware or counters.  Each product contains no toxic adhesives or dyes.  Made from plant based materials and a few items with recyclable plastics, these are compostable and biodegradable cleaning essentials.  I love that (way down the road) when my Twist products are no longer usable, I can toss them in the compost pile OR use them for something in the garden without any concern for my plants or the rest of the planet!
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Green and Clean 
I am such a picky person when it comes to cleaning and always have been!  In most cases I make my own cleaners and reuse everything I can think of.  One of the things I miss in now using eco-cleaners, is the power and strength that I could find in the store bought ones.  But when I first heard about the brand Genesis 950, I learned that could I have my cake and eat it too (or well clean up after)?!  "Genesis 950 is a green, surfactant based cleaner that works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. Rather than attack stains with harsh toxins and chemicals, it alters the molecular structure of a stain to lift it."

As with every other product I bring into my home, my biggest concern was reading up on the cleaner to make sure it was safe for my household, then I could put it to the test.  Genesis 950 started over 20 years ago as an industrial ink cleaner and worked so well it has since developed into a multipurpose cleaner reducing the need for tons of chemicals in your house (and the packaging they come in).  Genesis 950 has low VOC levels in its concentrate form, is biodegradable, and still tough on the worst cleaning jobs.

Last year I started using Genesis 950 on the disgusting jobs I knew none of my homemade cleaners would work on like dog puke on my carpet, chicken poop on the deck, and a moldy fridge.  Since then, it's used for each and every "tough" cleaning job.  I never have to scrub, use brute force, or even soak for more than a few seconds when using Genesis 950.  It smells great without any overpowering or potent chemical smell.  I love how easy this is to use and on multiple projects and highly recommend having a gallon of Genesis 950 in your home.  You will be especially surprised how long it will last you!
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  1. I am excited about the earth friendly cleaning products.

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  3. i am excited about the cleaning products.

  4. I am most excited about the Twist products which can help teach the kids about not wasting paper products for Earth Day

  5. Cool gear products would be great. My kids pack lunches almost every day and always pack snacks for their activities.


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