eLuxury Supply Meridian Jacquard Curtain Panels Review

You know both myself and my husband are pretty basic when comes to decor around the house.  We are on the same page constantly when it comes to what we like.  Transitioning my home into a more energy efficient home is quite important to me for more reasons than one.  One of the first ways we've done so in our new (older) home has been through the windows.  Who has the money (especially after purchasing a new home) to upgrade an entire homes windows?  Not me and I'm sure not many others.

So we decided the next best way to do so was with our window coverings and especially during the winter. When eLuxury Supply asked me to review one of their 2 Piece Meridian Jacquard Curtain Panels, I was thrilled.  We just spent a ton of time reorganizing our first floor and swapping the location of our living room.

Now because of our set up, we are feeling more drafts even with the Spring coming.  Thankfully the eLuxury Supply Curtain Panels are insulated.  I love that the pattern is only on one side so it displays inside nicely to match my decor and on the outside, visitors only see the white thermal side.  The material is both soft and easy to clean.

I love how it seems to repel the pet hair too since that's always been an issue in the past with our pets and window coverings.  My only complaint is that when you sit in the couch directly under the curtain, you are close enough to see the flaws in the dye.  As you can see from my pictures, there are reddish spots in the white portion of the design.  In the light these look brown and during the evening they are black.  Overall, I love that these set the atmosphere and tone for your choice location.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $50.99 Curtain Panels
Recommendation:  Now some may think the price seems high and I'd agree it would have me second guessing a purchase.  But these are already saving me a ton of energy and thus I am saving money by using these.  I love the way they perfectly compliment the living room theme

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