Gear Up to Get Going #FitnFree16 - Part 1 Simple Starts

Recently, I decided to start a journey in changing my definition of healthy.  Healthiness and Happiness come in all shapes, sizes, colors.  I've decided while it is about setting better schedules and plans, it's also about living in the moment, not giving up on yourself, and determining what YOUR healthy is.

Anyone who might be interested in feeling better in all areas of their lives, getting all around healthy (YOUR healthy), and trying to live freely with less stress, I highly recommend gearing up with some of the brands listed below.

Simple Smells 
For some, lessening the stress levels can be as simple as surrounding yourself with relaxing and subtle scents.  Having a house full of dogs and boys (yes boys), I have tried very hard to keep my home from smelling anything but pleasant.  As my family (furry and human) grows, I've been forced to search out more or stronger options.  But lets be honest though, no one wants to mask one smell with another as that doesn't exactly get rid of the odor.  And honestly an over powering home, even with the best of smells isn't any better.

"Bring home the strong sensitive type with new Renuzit® Sensitive Scents™! Designed to perform without overpowering, this product is perfect for everyone including those sensitive noses in your home."  We put the Renuzit® scented gel in our dogs room where our three dogs sleep and eat and literally stink up the room worse than anything else.  The Renuzit® scented oil is plugged into the living room for a great first impression entering the home.  And the Renuzit® super odor neutralizer is something we use as needed around the home.

With all of the new Renuzit® Sensitive Scents™, I can honestly say I noticed a major difference in a simple way.  Each of these leave a subtle yet lasting smell around the home.  I love not having to purchase tons of air fresheners to fill up my plugs around the house or having burning candles around where my children could potentially burn themselves.  These are more natural solutions to everyday honest odor issues.  If you aren't one who loves the over powering smells of candles or outlet plugins then these are for you!
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Don't Leave Home Unprepared
With all this healthy talk especially about fitness, I couldn't forget one of my favorite brands - Cool Gear!  Cool Gear provides all sorts of eco-friendly products that just about anyone can use.  They have everything from reusable cups and self filtering water bottles to salad containers and ice blocks for entertaining.  Its great see such a variety from a company trying contribute in a fun way to the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle).

Drinking water is one of the best ways to get and stay healthy.  As my 8 YO. son clearly pointed out to me the other day, "we cannot survive without water but we can survive without food.  A person can live just fine for a whole month with nothing but water".  That being said from the mouth of babes, why would you want to?!  The 80 oz Big Freeze Bottle provides you with more than your daily intake of water AND keeps it cold.  The 28 oz Ripple Infuser let's you enjoy that water with a natural flavor boost.  Add lemons, berries, cukes, or anything really to the compartment and enjoy flavorful water without a mess.

The Expandable Steamer let's you take those vegetable on the go and a place to steam them fresh when your ready!  With products like these and more, it's difficult NOT to keep yourself hydrated and eating healthy regardless of what you are doing.  There are tons of products which fit the need and lifestyle of everyone I've met so far and my family is obsessed.  I would recommend these "cool" products to everyone and anyone.
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Start by Making and Saving Memories 
I used to be extremely big into the sweets and baking with my grandmother when I was younger.  So often, it feels like yesterday that we would bake side by side.  With my grandmother older and not in the best of health, time in the kitchen is just different.  It's because of this, I truly appreciate these times, handed down recipes, traditions, and memories!

This is also the reason, I love to bake with my kids.  I hope that someday my kiddos can look back and hold the same memories of their time with family.  If you feel remotely the same way I do about family, food, and anything inside the kitchen, Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ by Lily and Val is something you need to get your hands on.  Not only is it a great piece for your home, it also makes a great gift for your loved ones too!

The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ is "Thoughtful organization" for your recipes and fond kitchen memories.  The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ is made with a durable binding and the coated covers protect from light spills being it will be used mostly in the kitchen.  Each one includes 6 sections (starters, soups/salads, main courses, side dishes, desserts and miscellaneous) with room for up to 200 recipes.  There are pockets included for storing photos and special tokens plus 12 tear-out recipe cards to share with the same friends and family you are making the memories with.

Lily and Val "believe the fondest memories are made when gathered around the table" and so do I.  While my grandmother may not be able able to bake with me anymore, my cherished memories with her have set the path with my children.  Not only will the Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ be a huge part of our memories being made but they will hopefully be something passed down from generation to generation.  This truly is the ultimate gift (to yourself or others) which will bring happiness and stress free cooking!
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Lacking Time for Healthy and Stress free Living? 
While we are on the topic of food and recipes, I don't want to forget those of us who just don't have the time...Time to cook; Time to eat healthy; Time to create gourmet meals; And even those who DON'T want to spend their time and energy in the kitchen.  "Ready. Chef. Go!™ bags are inspired by the 400 year old French cooking tradition of “en papillote” (pronounced pah-pee-yawt), literally meaning “in parchment” (a method of steam cooking food in a sealed pouch).

I honestly was in disbelief that a simple bag could cook an entire meal in the microwave as fast as they were claiming.  In fact, I hesitated and waited as long as I could to try this as I was thinking it would just end up ruining the meal by making it chewy or over/under cooked.  Then, everyone in our house got sick and the last thing I felt like doing was cooking any type of gourmet meal and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give the Ready Chef Go bags a try!

I added two large chicken breasts (at least 20 ounces of meat or more), a handful of sliced raw potatoes, and literally a large squirt of caesar dressing to the bag.  I sealed it up and tossed it into the microwave for the recommended 7 minutes plus 2 minutes extra with the potatoes and my nervousness.  Sure enough I was completely wrong to doubt the product as literally my meal poured out looking like it had cooked in a crockpot or casserole in the oven for hours.  Being the food safety person I am, I even temped the food to be sure the chicken was in the safe zone and it was.  It was a huge hit with the kids especially with the flavor the caesar dressing added!

My only complaint is make sure you stick a plate or bowl under the bag just in case the seal leaks (or you don't seal it completely) to avoid a mess in the microwave.  These are perfect for anyone constantly on the go during the day with little time to prep a gourmet meal.  I love that I can be busy with the kids all day and still sit down to a fully cooked meal which tastes as if I had slaved over the stove all day preparing it.

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