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As I am sure you have been seeing a lot of discussion lately on my facebook page.  I am not only trying to lose weight but cleanse my system of all the toxins.  I want to live a much more 'free' lifestyle.  I am so sick of feeling helpless and over weight; I want to enjoy my family and have fun; I want to love my body and enjoy my age;  Mostly I want to be happier overall.  However, the need to be a specific standard size or look keeps haunting me.

Believe it or not I enjoy working out and keeping active EVEN being overweight myself.  I just don't have the energy all the time and I'd prefer to spend my spare time running around with my kids instead of on a treadmill.  I want to eat the foods I love and go out to eat with friends and family WHEN I want.  With any diet change, the key is still eating.  Your body needs some sort of nutrition in the proper portions.

Starving yourself really is just that and it almost is all for a waste because your body then works against you to store the fat you have instead of burning it.  So here in lies my problem.  I try all these diets but either I can't eat the foods I love or I have a hard time staying on track with each meal/snack and calories.  Plus, as a personal cook, I hate nothing more than the "diet" microwave meals that taste terrible or fake.

Which is precisely why I was thrilled to have an opportunity to work with an amazing brand called Personal Trainer Food.  Because I am by all means no Personal Trainer, in fact I need one constantly to help keep me on track, I was a bit intimidated by the program at first glance.  From the start they advertise this as a meal plan which personal trainers use to keep themselves in shape.

Still a bit intimidating, I saw a video of a bunch of fit (and mighty fine looking) firefighters giving the meals a try.  While comforting that it was something they actually enjoyed, I still wasn't sure my flabby, unmotivated, food loving self would be able to keep up with.  Seeing it referred to as "Fast Food for Fitness" and a "Complete meal plan for people too busy to diet", I figured it was going to be exactly what I needed to get started.

Focusing on the good proteins and fats which help burn fat instead of creating it, the foods from Personal Trainer Food Meal Plan are "Paleo-Friendly and 98% no-gluten".  I love seeing them advertise everywhere that it is real food!  As I mentioned before, I've never been able to keep up with a diet in which the food literally tastes fake, flavorless, and made up.  Nothing at PTF has a filler of any kind.

As I started to get to know the kind of plan I'd be working on and get myself pumped to take control over my life, I spent quite a bit of time on their website.  Each of the Personal Trainers have bios and their own special story/connection to weight loss and fitness.  You will have access to consult with each as you follow along the plan although one specifically will be selected to be a direct contact.
To start the Personal Trainer Food Meal Plan, you need to pick your meals which is extremely difficult in my opinion.  Picking out your meals for the next 28 days in more than planning meals for a week or two especially with a family of 5.  I loved seeing NO seafood as I am one of the rare people who despises seafood.  It seems like every dieting program I've tried in the past, pushes seafood on the clients.

This program is very straight forward - mainly meats, vegetables, natural dairy (meaning eggs), and select nuts.  There were meals I knew I'd like and others I wish I hadn't ordered since once they arrived, I learned they weren't what I had expected.  Again a reason for wishing I could have ordered only half a month at a time.  The company claims that smaller shipments are not economical however, I have to disagree.

I had to purchase a completely separate freezer in order to store all the food in this program.  While that goes to show you how much food you are getting, I also think it's a bit extreme and they forcing clients into a month long commitment.  I truly believe their reorder rate would be even higher if the ability to have half a month shipped at a time was available.  I know it would have better influenced me with this as an option.

As I prepared for my delivery, I started the recommended 48 hour liquid fasting.  I was EXTREMELY nervous about doing so since I have always been an over eater in the past.  To my surprise after the first day, it was simple.  I focused on water and hot, hot broth.  The water was easy since it's really all I drank before PTF and the hot broth helped fill me up with the flavor fooling my brain and body into thinking I was eating as normal.

I actually started to enjoy it so much I didn't want to stop.  I've been using the broth option as my snack throughout the PTF plan.  The liquid diet was the easiest part of the adjustment period.  It wasn't until the end of the first week of the new foods that I started to experience a few of the possible side effects discussed in the weekly videos.  The biggest challenge switching to PTF for most people is detoxing from sugar.

I'm sure you might be saying the same thing I did..."I'm not a sweets person so sugar isn't really a problem for me".  However, part of the education in this program is realizing how much sugar really is out there in the foods we eat.  Sugar isn't just the sweet stuff, it's hidden in other foods you wouldn't expect and we (american's especially) have increased our sugar intake drastically over the last decade alone.

From around day 10-15, I had a terrible ongoing headache, slump in energy, and a bit of nausea.  I even had a lack in appetite as I was detoxing from the sugar.  So for someone "not big on sweets", I'd say I had a major issue with my sugar intake from other foods.  The most difficult for me to eliminate was carbs (bread, pasta, rice).  I knew I was dependent on these fillers and finally I've been given the motivation to get it under control.

Rarely do I eat fast food or carryout of any kind, so eliminating this from my routine was not difficult.  However, I do (like most others) enjoy spending time outside of the home gathering with friends and family.  Especially during February and March when our family celebrates everyone's birthdays, it can be a bit more challenging.  Since I decided to start PTF during this busy time, I was thrilled this didn't mean I couldn't still enjoy life outside of my strict routine.

One of the first things my personal trainer told me was that I could tell her any restaurant and even a random gas station where I'd want to eat something, and she could find something which would still be healthy and following the PTF program.  When I started, I emailed her frequently with our birthday restaurant choices ahead of time.  I double and triple checked what I was safe with eating.  But by the end, I felt confident and educated on what was good and bad for me everywhere I ate.  I could order with confidence that I was following along the same meal plan I had worked so hard to get my body used to.

I liked the fact that this was a meal plan which I was able to share with my kids.  Not only were they trying to steal my foods constantly but I shared every educational moment with them.  They each learned alongside me on what was healthy and even started pointing things out when I'd make their meals.  There are a bunch of videos sent weekly from the creator of PTF and free support from any of the personal trainers.

This food tasted like it came from a grill, stove top, or oven - NOT A MICROWAVE.  (The only food I wasn't a fan of was the scrambled eggs/omelettes, I prefer my own fresh eggs.)  This is finally the first plan which I love and look forward to each day.  It's because of only having the month long option that I hesitate ordering again.  I just do not have the space for this kind of food stock in the freezer and just for myself.  Forget the five other people I am trying to feed in the house.

With the new natural energy I've gained from eating PTF, I've found more motivation to exercise and get myself more active.  Many of my readers may have even noticed my lack in posting as much online and it's mainly because I'm offline moving around, keeping busy (cleaning, organizing, and just plain socializing like a ladybug likes to do). With Personal Trainer Food I don't need to exercise to feel good as the food already does that for me...but I WANT to keep moving.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $469 - 28 days Breakfast Lunch and Dinner (no snacks) or $5.58/meal *There is also a special discount of $100 off your first order using code '100off' too if you are ready to get started on a new healthy lifestyle.
Recommendation:  I think this price is kind of expensive but only because I am a couponer when grocery shopping.  In comparison to other delivery meal plans they are extremely reasonable in pricing.  However, I still hate the large lump payment.  While the cost per meal is on the low end for a prepared meal, spending almost $500/month on groceries for ONLY one person is wayyyy too much in my opinion.  My family of 5's budget is less than $500.  Though, I do have to say again actually liked these meals for once and it worked for me.
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  1. The food certainly looks good. I think I would have a heck of a time trying to live without sugar! I've tried a few times & it did not go well, lol. Still, I'm sure this would help me drop some pounds & get rid of a lot of bad habits.


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