A Lucky Ladybug's Family (aka Baby History)

So the news is out, A Lucky Ladybug is expecting the unexpected this Fall.  With a new baby on the way, I now have an extremely fun time in a woman's life to share with all my readers.  Although it's not my first go around, it is the first time I will be able to share everything online and with each of you.  Pregnancy can mean so many things and it is different for everyone.  Normally I'd keep a lot of this to myself but being a Blogger this time around, I know I am not alone in my nervousness and excitement.

Before I explain my shock and utter fear, I feel like I might need to share a quick rundown of my history which you might not all know about.  I am (technically) a step mother to a beautiful 18 year old daughter who is mine in every way.  I've been her mother most of her life and because I was told from age 15 on that having children would NOT be an option for me, I assumed this was God's way of giving me a child.

Even knowing my medical history, my husband and I anxiously tried to conceive for about a year and a half when we had given up.  The ups and mostly downs of TTC with the let down each month became too much for me to handle.  As fate would have it, we ended up pregnant the very same month we had thought our journey was over.

The pregnancy was an emotional nightmare which I can only chalk up to the hormones from the fertility drugs, my emotional state from trying, and of course being a first time mom-to-be.  Because of my emotional ups and downs during the pregnancy AND some pretty severe Post Partum Depression after Dane, I was put on an anti depressant and things settled as best they could for us.  Motherhood was amazing and Dane was my miracle gift from God.

A year after Dane was born, we decided to start trying again in hopes my body had changed a bit due to having a child.  My doctor thought our chances were better and I wanted at least one more.  Several months into trying, I lost my job and we decided to quit the journey of TTC again.  However, fate again would have other plans and we were already pregnant.

While we still had some bumps in the road with this pregnancy, I was still on the anti-depressant and it was my second time so I had a better grip on what to expect.  When Declan was born, he was a complete opposite personality newborn and we again had to learn as we went along.  Almost immediately, we spent a week in the hospital when he was two weeks old with Doctors conclusion being Declan had experienced two SIDS episodes (read about our SIDS journey).  It was a very scary time but we were again thrilled to add to our family.

Since then, we've lived an exciting life with highs and a few lows as any family does.  Then everything changed...

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  1. Congratulations to all of you on your wonderful news. Enjoy and best wishes!
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  2. Such wonderful news, congratulations! Pregnancy was the best time of my life - I had 2 weeks of awful morning sickness, but after that, I felt great. And I was never prettier. Here's hoping and praying for you, for a good pregnancy, and easy labor and delivery! You're so lucky, enjoy this time!!!!!

    1. Thank you!!! I'm hoping the morning sickness ends soon!!


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