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For some of us, the first trimester brings a time of realization.  Even as a woman happy with her body regardless of size, I am not a fan of jumping up a few sizes or sporting around a massive belly in front and a double chin for most of a year.  Yes of course there are those few women who gain only the cutest of beach ball sized bumps but in most cases, the rest of us pack on some pounds and everything seems to shift up down and all around.

So, if these changes are bound to happen whether we like it or not, why not embrace the changes and find a way to boost your confidence in a different way?  When searching for some stylish maternity clothes to sport this Summer for my (better be) final pregnancy, I discovered Olian Maternity.

Right away the vibrant colors and patterns grabbed my attention and I loved the variety of dresses they seemed to have available.  I was initially a bit hesitant in trying any piece of clothing from them since a lot of the photos showed pictures of women who didn't really appear pregnant.  It made me nervous about how the clothing would fit my ever growing body, especially since I am sporting anything but a model body.

Though, I'm quite glad I still took a leap with the brand.  Being the wide variety of clothing and my love for the bright colors in my normal style, I was able to find quite a few pieces which I felt would work perfectly with my body and my plans for the Summer.  In general, every pregnant woman needs a good pair of maternity shorts if they are pregnant over the warmer months.  The Twilie Shorts are both comfortable and have me feeling sexy.

The Anne Flower Print Nursing Pajama Set has become my go to pajamas.  I love the lightweight feel especially the warmer the weather gets.  Plus, I've got my hospital gear planned super early with this set.  It's made for sporting around the hospital after birth instead of the horrid hospital gowns AND my little one can leave matching mama!

The Vero Plunging V Maxi Dress is by far my favorite though!  Not only does black tend to help someone look a bit thinner but this dress also features a detailed lace back.  I love maxi dresses normally and nothing is more comfortable than sporting one around when I feel bigger than the house.  The empire waist emphasizes my belly perfectly.  I picked this with the plan that I would wear it for my daughters graduation party this summer but have already worn it quite a few times including for our pregnancy announcements!
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