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By now you know we are die hard Halloween freaks, we are that family-the family that's hardcore into Halloween.  In fact we spend most of the year preparing for the next years Halloween season and it is by far my favorite holiday for more reasons than I can count.  Raised in a strong female environment and with a pretty dominant personality, I am a fan of the freedom the Halloween season brings to those females lacking the courage to let their wild side shine.

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We are always on the lookout for this years top costumes and I am always open to adding to my intimate collection. In my opinion every woman needs to have herself a couple sets of sexy nighties or maybe a corset or two to wear when she needs to boost her confidence.   Sometimes, you get lucky enough to find a brand which provides both AND in a tasteful way.  Which is why I was thrilled when asked to work with the brand

They have everything and I mean everything in this years top costumes and intimates of all levels! offers "an array of high-quality apparel including Lingerie, Sexy Halloween Costumes, Dresses, Clubwear, and much more!"  While they boast how they "amplify the sexy in us all", I don't want this to intimidate those who are on the shyer side.  Regardless of your level of comfort or willingness to push your limits, they've got you covered.

And even though the last thing of when discussing my 18 year old daughter, is amplifying sexy...we decided this time we'd let Alana pick a costume.  Not only do I want her to feel confident in her body and abilities as a young woman, she's been dying for a quality costume for a while.  Being pregnant myself due in October, I knew this just wasn't going to be my year.  After quite a bit of searching (because believe me you can spend hours looking through all the amazing products they have), we settled on the Princess Beauty Halloween Costume.

Not only was this costume made extremely well compared to most Halloween costumes which are cheap and fall apart pretty quickly but this resembles the actual Belle dress (only shorter).  The only portion which she wasn't thrilled about was how wide the sleeves were as they fell way down if she didn't hold her arms out at the sides.  I wish they were sewn to fit an average size woman wearing this size of dress. Otherwise I'd suggest a tie or adjustable clasp for the sleeved portion.

We were extremely happy with the costume choice and especially the fact that we were able to find something appropriate for her age while still being able to shop for some more intimate items for myself and my husband.  I've got quite a few pieces which I've been eyeballing for myself for either feeling sexy that last month of pregnancy or for shortly after!

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