#AtHomeStores Campus Collection and #CollegeMoveIn Fun!

One of the things I've feared for years in having a teenager is the prepping for college.  I still feel quite young at heart myself so thinking about sending my baby girl away to college, sends me into a bit of a panic.  I've felt as though I would be lost at what to buy for her to create a home away from home.

Being that Alana is 10 years older than her first brother, with (yes) another one on the way making her a big 18 years older than her youngest sibling, she is more than ready to move out.  She is definitely ready to be on her own!  We were thrilled to discover the At Home stores and at what seems like the perfect timing.  While I had driven by several times since the store popped up near me, I hadn't needed to shop there just yet.

With her starting college this Fall, we wanted to start searching out "other stores" for college dorm room supplies.  I still remember shopping with my Mother (a long time ago) for my new space away from home.  I remember coming up with a list of every possible scenario in which I might need something I normally would have had at home.

Thankfully, my daughter and I don't have to spend the lengthy time doing so as At Home store is prepared for you!  Not only have they created their own college move-in check list so you don't have to, but they have it online to get you started before you even start shopping AND in store on pads throughout the store.  We were super pumped about spending the time together creating her new space which fit her personal style.

While our store was a bit chaotic and unorganized, we were overwhelmed with the size of the store and the endless selection.  With the college section in a disarray and scattered throughout the store, we did have a hard time finding the specific Campus Collection area.  However, I can tell you there is no reason you'd actually need the designated section as there's tons to shop for throughout the store which will fit your every need.

There's not just one or two or even ten coffee mugs to choose from, there's literally dozens.  There's every style trash can and bedding set you can think up as the assortment of products they have to offer is like no other.  There are hundreds of products for every dorm room style you can imagine and of course the products don't stop with college students in mind.

They've got "an expansive selection of patio furniture, home furnishings, wall décor and decorative accents, rugs and housewares".  We've been shopping there the last month to create our own outdoor oasis as well as in preparation for the graduation party.  We've purchased tons of entertaining products and patio decor there for next to nothing.  We couldn't be happier about all the money we are saving while creating our perfect home space as well!

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  1. these are nice,,they didnt have nice thingslike this when my kids were in college

  2. im not seeing my post,so ill post again,,they didnt have anything like this when my kids were in college many years ago,,they took old second hand stuff


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