Greetings Island Personalized Invitations Review

One thing though that seems to have gotten lost over the years is making and sending formal invites for any type of get together and event.  Sometimes technology gets in the way and we forget that there is a something special to the personalized feeling of receiving a physical invite.  We also need to remember that not everyone uses the same technology since it is constantly changing and upgrading (especially the older generations).

The nice thing is that we can utilize this technology to personalize in other ways!  I was thrilled when Greetings Island agreed to work with me on a set of their Graduation Invites for the big bash we've got planned this Summer.  Now even though my husband and I entertain constantly for every holiday we can think of, this was going to give me the opportunity to change things up.  This time around, I can show our guests how much it would mean to have them attend this very special event!

Being her age, it's been a while since we've had a party specifically dedicated to my daughter and this one was going to be the party of the century if we had anything to say about it.  After a lot of decision, we decided to go with the Year of the Grad Invitations/Announcements, which we felt we could show off all the great graduation photos we's taken!

I loved being able to personalize the entire greeting so it would work perfect for our family's personality.  Because we have family in state and out of state, wanted to be able to both announce her graduation AND send out an invite for the party all in one.  This way we were overloading our friends and family with tons of mail and thus saving ourselves money by combining the announcement and party invite into one.

The process was pretty simple - loading and editing photos, personalizing and editing text, and then placing the order.  Our order took almost exactly a week to print and arrive which is pretty quick in my opinion.  Everything printed exactly as we wanted with no flaws in a single card.  Pricing was a bit on the high end if you ask me but the quality is much better than anywhere else I researched and you are getting your own unique design.

Cost/Available to Purchase: $49.50 - 50 Personalized Invitation Cards 
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  1. This sounds like a great way to send out invites. And they are very ritsy. I like sending out invites with pictures. I will have to do this sometime.


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