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When you are a pet owner you have tons of things to worry about just as you do with having children.  The similarities are almost ridiculous between having one or the other.  You need to puppy proof your home to help prevent additional accidents or injuries as you would for a new crawling baby.  You also need to worry about health as a responsible pet owner.  Taking your pets to the vet for a regular check up and vaccines is very important.  Plus don't forget the fun you get to have with this furry family member - play time, snuggling, and toys!

When Hartz first contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I would be interested in reviewing a bunch of their products, I was all in!  I was beyond surprised though to learn of all the "other" products they had besides just those made for flea and tick prevention.  They've got a whole line of pet products for your dogs, cats, small animals, birds, reptiles, AND fish.  WOW!  They have every animal in (and out) of my house covered.

One of the things I would always try to be vigilant about with my pets are fleas and ticks.  Before I had children (or even a husband) I would let my dog sleep in bed with me and in fact preferred it since they were always so cuddly.  However, I was always very careful regardless of where I lived to keep up on the flea and tick prevention's.

Not only does the thought of bringing bugs into my house gross me completely out but having them cover my dogs and children causing who knows what kind of pain and disease, I'm not letting that happen!  Just in time for the start of flea and tick season here in Michigan, the Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® has my pups protected and set for the season.

The Hartz® Home Protection™ Dog Pads and Tiny Dog™ Toys are perfect for any new puppy OR for your little indoor dogs (like my Mom's teacup yorkie).  If you've got bigger dogs like we do, the Tuff Stuff® Toys are a bit more of a necessity if you expect them to last any length of time.  Our pups were pretty obsessed with the Oinkies® and even though we tried to save them for special treats, our three pups have got the sympathy look down pat.  So needless to say they didn't last long in our house!

Though the Hartz Dentist's Best® with DentaShield® were our personal favorite treat as it helped keep those mouths healthier and fresher in a variety of ways.  The Chew 'n Clean® toys also help with keeping those mouths in better shape while lasting much longer than the treats.  Again, I couldn't believe the variety of products Hartz carries.  I had no idea but I am so glad I know now.  And let me tell you, these three dogs are pretty thrilled themselves with our new discovery!

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  1. I love Hartz pet products. They really have great dog toys that my dog loves chewing on and they last a long time. I have not tried the dog pads or tick drops. That would be good to get to keep the ticks away.


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