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I love gardening and finally Summer is in full force!  With this being the first real Summer in our new house with all the property we finally have, I’m beyond excited to create my new garden as well as show off my landscaping/green thumb skills!  Plus, we've got a huge graduation party planned so I want my yard looking it's best when everyone comes over for the first time.

One of the areas I actually struggle with is my flower planting abilities.  It's actually very interesting to me that I acquired my green thumb from my Mother but in a very different way.  She can grow any type of plant or flower better than any one I know whereas I will more than likely kill it.  But when it comes to edible plants, we are the complete opposite!  I can grow food like a pro farmer and her crops are pitiful.

So when I was recently asked if I would review the Proven Winners DIY Hanging Basket Combination Kit, I was really psyched (and more-so than with most other products).  Not only was this an opportunity to add to the beauty of my yard but to create it on my own and prove my skills are not just limited to edibles.  Proven Winners Direct by Four Star Greenhouse Inc., believes that "No Industry Is Greener Than Gardening" and they truly live by it.

While I had already shopped at stores like Home Depot or local greenhouses where Proven Winners plants are sold, I hadn't truly recognized the brand and it's exceptional quality until now.  The label and plants were finally in front of my face and as someone who lives for the gardening season, now I can tell you I've not come across another plant brand that competes in the same league.  At our yearly greenhouse trip, I finally took notice that almost every pot/plant at each store location was a Proven Winners brand and the one's which were not just didn't have the same "life".

The 'Above + Beyond' DIY Hanging Basket kit I received comes prepared with a variety of 6 - 4.25" flower pots (completely recyclable too), a 16 QT. bag of potting soil, a packet of continuous release plant food, and of course the 15" hanging basket.  I was a little bummed to find there were no instructions included for those who aren't as creative as myself.  However, we did just fine planning out our color scheme and planting it all together efficiently.

Because I knew within a few weeks the plants would fill in and grow even larger, I was able to spread them out a bit more than originally intended to make two planters filled with the beautiful flowers.  Remember to keep this in mind when planting your baskets though, plants take time and care to grow.  Watering every day is important as well as "pruning" or picking off dead flowers once they've bloomed.

The best for me was the fact that these are so simple to put together that all the kids could help "build" my plant baskets!  They love being able to help out with the gardening and we are all trying to create the ultimate yard as a family for the coming party.  This single basket has grown so much it looks as if I had spent well over a hundred purchasing it or paying a landscaper to maintain.

The boys loved keeping an eye out for any new growth and for the opportunity to pick the brown dead ones off keeping the plants as healthy as possible.  Together we were beyond impressed with the beautiful basket we created AND have grown over the past month.

Available to purchase/Cost: $79.99 DIY Premium Hanging Basket Kit 
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