Pello Luxe Floor Pillow Review

To our families surprise, I discovered this Spring I was expecting the unexpected again.  I am currently pregnant and due in September.  While this is my 3rd child, I feel more unprepared now than I did for the first.  We weren't planning for this one, most of my baby stuff has been handed down and given away and our home is not set up for "starting" a family but more-so for growing and older children.

Taking care of multiple children at once is hard enough but throwing a baby into the mix adds a whole new set of challenges.  Though there are a few tricks and must have items you learn along the way.  So needless to say I feel like this time around I know exactly what I do and don't need for this baby round.  One product I knew I had to have was a portable chill station for the new baby.  There are tons of reasons for this but the most important reason being I would have loved the flexibility to bring it with me wherever I go and not have to worry about where the baby would lay safely.

When I discovered the Pello luxe floor pillows, I was actually excited about getting one in our house for more than just the new baby."Designed by a mom for a well-loved baby, pello is a luxe floor pillow that goes beyond the standard play mat, positioning pillow, or baby gym.  The pello provides comfort and support, promotes muscle development, and encourages independent play."

Currently available in 21 designs, this pillow will never outgrow your child...never.  Having children ages ranging from 5 to 18 and expecting another one, I can tell you the baby might not even get a chance to use this now that the other kids have discovered it.  Declan loves chillin' on the pillow watching his tablet since I brought it out in preparation for the babies arrival.  Alana (my 18 year old) has been laying on it whenever we are watching TV and has mentioned a few times how it would be easily used in her new dorm room.

The unique design allows for a variety of uses from pillow for baby to lay comfortably on to a tummy time and crawling challenge to the perfect chill spot for an older child.  The small side handles help to travel easily and it's completely washable.  The "pello is proudly made in the USA and is made of 100% cotton, luxe brushed poly, and 100% polyester fibers (non-allergenic and flame retardant)".

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $120 Pello luxe floor pillows 
Recommendation:  I think this is a great product for anyone expecting or with a little one!  The price is expensive but not for the stress relief it provides and the length of time you can use this.
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