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I have always been a very organized person throughout most of my life.  I've always had my schedule for the week very well planned out.  I am never late or I honestly begin to freak and chaos of any sort in my home makes me a little crazy (okay a lot of crazy).  However, one of the biggest challenges I have ever had to overcome once having children is dealing with the chaos a little one brings into our lives.

My daughter used to be the complete opposite - a very disorganized, lazy, last minute type of personality (and still is a bit).  Personal Planners asked me to review one of their truly personalized planners two years ago and I can honestly say Alana's school life has not been the same since.
These planners really ARE personalized as you are able add your family/favorite pictures to each column, color code them to your favorite colors or to get a quicker visual, and even choose the types of activities or tasks you want to see listed on YOUR planner.  You can add all sorts of fun options like coloring pages or suduko puzzles for when your "doodling".  There are even options like adding maps, music sheets, or lined/grid paper.  You can choose from four different size planners or notebooks to personalize (mini, square, wide, or A5).
They've wall planners (12"x12") and tons of accessories such as stickers, elastic closures, leather covers, and more.  The front is personalized as well which is my daughters favorite.  Each year she has chosen a new quote for the front which makes it that much more her own.  Once ordered, the expected turn around time for printing is supposed to be three weeks however mine took 17 days from the date of order to the date it was shipped out.  Shipping is included in the price of the planner so there is no "extra" cost.

I know this might seem like an exaggeration but Alana's grades turned around dramatically with our first Personal Planner purchase two years ago.  Last year she told me she'd buy it with her own money if she had to because she wasn't going without it.  And this year she started her freshman year at college WITH a Personal Planner at the top of her school list.  It has made a huge difference for her alone and of course our family.

Available to purchase/Cost:  Personalized Planners start at $29.95 Personalized Notebooks start at $20.95
Recommendation:  This planner is beyond perfect to keep any mothers sanity (or at least to a minimum).  It's great for a wide age/grade range of students too.  The price seems expensive at first for a calendar but not for something this personalized!  I'd like to see even more options available in the future for creating specific tasks and such!
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  1. with 14 grandkids and 6 grown kids,my husbands work schedule i have to have one of these with me at all time to keep track


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