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Before having children, there was always one thing you could count on seeing if you came to my house (or even further back my apartment), which was candles burning.  When I say candles I also mean LOTS of candles every where you look throughout my home.  I love the smells and how the light can set a tone.  Both the smell and light relax me! Now that I have children, candles are a rarity and only up high.

Being the holiday season, our entertaining is in full force.  So my homes ambiance needs to be optimal.  Because, I consider myself to be a big animal lover I know I have to consider the smells others notice when they come over.  Even though I have always had multiple animals, I have tried very hard to keep my home from smelling that way.  I also have to worry about the additional smells that come with kids (oh and I have three boys so I've got it even worse)!

Recently I was sent over a wonderful Crafters & Co. Tabletop Wax Warmer and Wax Melts set as well as their 16 oz. “Celebrate Fall” Jar Candle from Hallmark to make our home that much "warmer" this holiday.  The fall candle has an "enticing aroma of a buttery pastry topped with ripe, freshly sliced apples, sweet brown sugar, cinnamon and rich caramel".  Being our favorite season/holiday just passed (Fall/Halloween) this was perfect for our Annual Halloween party and our Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Using a low wattage bulb, you can easily plug in the warmer and add your favorite scent wax cube.  The warmer creates the ambiance of a burning candle releasing the candle’s fragrance which actually filled the home within seconds of turning it on.  I love that I don't have to worry about Mr. Troublemaker Declan touching an open flame and I can constantly have it "warming" on my counter.  The candles, wax melts, and of course the warmer are great as they truly help with the smells around the home from both the dogs and boys!  My home just seems filled extremely fast with such a warm fragrance!

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