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It’s amazing what even a few small home improvement projects can do for the comfort and functionality of your home. Whether it’s the installation of a new energy efficient water heater or you add an extra bathroom off your living area, the right improvements can help your home meet the changing needs of your family.

Improve the Efficiency and Performance of Your Water Heater

If you’ve never given much thought to your water heater, except when it’s running cold, you might be surprised at what is now available. Many homeowners struggle with trying to keep up with the hot water demands of their family. This can be especially true as your family is growing or as young children grow into teens.

The installation of a new water heater can help ensure that you have the hot water you need, when you need it, but it is also an excellent way to reduce energy costs. Older, tank style water heaters are often very inefficient because they have to hold hot water at temperature until it is needed; however, a new tankless water heater not only offers superb energy efficiency, but it can also provide hot water on demand so that you never have to face a cold shower again.

Give Your Kitchen a Great New Look

When it comes to home improvements, updating a kitchen is often at the top of the list. Adding upgrades to a kitchen can make it easier to use, but it is often an excellent way to also add value to your home. Whether you have a beautiful new double basin farmhouse style sink installed or you’re upgrading your dishwasher for better efficiency, a leading plumber will be able to ensure you get quality results.

A new kitchen sink or upgraded appliances not only offer a great way to improve the function of your kitchen, but they can also be an excellent way to enhance the overall look and style of your kitchen. It doesn’t take much to make a dramatic difference in the decor of a room.

Update a Bathroom for Better Functionality

Another room that can greatly benefit from a little updating is the bathroom. As your family grows, adding a shower or tub can be a great addition to a bathroom. Other upgrades, such as a more up-to-date vanity and sink, or even a new toilet, can significantly improve the look and functionality of your bathroom. An experienced plumber will be able to install these upgrades while making sure your plumbing needs are handled professionally.

Whether you want a new sink installed or you need emergency plumbing services, a reputable Clearwater plumbing company, such as The Pink Plumber, can give you quality results. An experienced plumber will be able to handle all of your plumbing needs.

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