5 Easy Ways To Cut Your Prescription Costs

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People who live with chronic illnesses often subsist on fixed incomes. Whether they're retired, aging adults, or consumers who can no longer actively participate in the workforce due to limited mobility and other issues, finding a way to get essential medications can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are five, easy ways to cut your prescription costs to achieve better health and increased financial well-being.

Get Help In Choosing The Right Insurance Plan

If you have the option of changing your insurance plan during open enrollment, take the time to align yourself with a healthcare agent, advocate or counselor who can assist you in accurately assessing all of the direct and indirect costs of each coverage type. While many consumers are primarily focused on premiums, deductibles, and co-payments, prescription costs can actually be the most overwhelming expense that patients face. This is especially true when living with chronic and progressive diseases, or debilitating injuries.

Consider Pill-Splitting

You may find that one or more of the medications you need is available at a higher dose, and at a comparable or lower, per-pill cost. If you require 5 mg of a specific drug, but can purchase fewer pills at a 10 mg dose, you can get all of the medication you need at a mere fraction of the normal price. Best of all, many pharmacies offer inexpensive pill-cutting devices that make it easy to divide tablets on your own at home.

Opt For Generic Medications

Generic drugs are formulated with the same, active ingredients as their brand-name counterparts. As such, they provide an easy way for people to get the same health benefits, without having to spend beyond their means. These products offer the same level of stability, strength, and quality, while additionally meeting the high standards that are necessary for obtaining FDA-approval. Many patients have been able to save hundreds of dollars every month by making this simple switch.

Shop At Online Pharmacies

Choosing to purchase your medications at a pharmacy in Canada will give you access to a much broader range of medications, and far more competitive prices. Online pharmacies are structured to make the ordering process both seamless and convenient for overseas consumers. These platforms have a number of helpful, informational resources and tools that you can use to identify the products you need and achieve peace of mind.

Ask Your Doctor For An Alternative And Less Costly Course Of Treatment

When all else fails, there's always the option to ask your doctor for an alternative treatment. When devising your treatment plan, your physician may not have been aware of your financial limitations. Being forthright about the effects that your medication plan is having on your monthly budget is a great way to learn about alternative remedies and alternative, prescription drugs that your provider both approves of and recommends.

Patients shouldn't have to spend veritable fortunes in order to obtain the medications they need. With online pharmacies, generic drugs, and alternative methods of treating chronic illnesses, many people have been able to dramatically cut their spending in this area. Moreover, by choosing the right health plan, you can increase the amount of financial support that you're getting from any primary or secondary coverage that you're paying for.

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